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Thread: Any Real Estate for sale/rent???

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    Default Any Real Estate for sale/rent???

    Hello Guys -

    There has not been any recent post to this thread so i figured i would ask. I am looking for a inexpensive house to rent or land to purchase with home already on it. Doesnt have to be the most updated and/or biggest. Any basic, dry accomodations will do. **No, i dont want a tin shack, but 4 walls and no leak roof is not too much to ask.

    I am planning to come down to Nica to live for a 1year or so to try to get a small business started. I have no particular location in mind. Most of my time is going to be spent sourcing suppliers and networking on the ground anyway, so i just need a place to lay my head.

    Long term, I plan to build a dream house on beach front property I'm coming to look at anyway. But, if you know of any oceanview or beach front property then please let me know.

    Something i can rent for $200-400 month. Or purchase out right for $10k-25k. Like a small abandonned farm with 1-2bed house on it or something is fine.


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    Default Re: Any Real Estate for sale/rent???

    For BLU the traffic is very thin - For the rest of the country many FaceBook groups have sprung up listing properties in your suggested range.

    Craig's list Managua has a few and Encuentra 24

    You can not really do any business on the right side of the laws entering on a tourist visa, but the bar for entry on a business residency are relativly low at $30K US.

    Remember the median income is around $3000 to $4000/yr - Choose your business accordingly as making the 30K back and getting a ROI , on one of the backwater towns, of a back watercountry, is a challenge.

    I would speculate the median income for BLU is probably much lower than the national average.
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    Default Re: Any Real Estate for sale/rent???

    Houses on farmland tend to be tarpaper shacks clad with scrap wood, one room for cooking/living, and one room for sleeping, and surrounded by mud and chickens. Think rustic 18th century pioneer cabins. The farm hands who live there and work the farm are not the farm's owners. The farm owners live in nice middle class houses in the nearby city.

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