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Thread: Going to be a LONG Rainy Season

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    Default Going to be a LONG Rainy Season

    Rains started here mid May (month early), and really have not stopped. July is always 1 of the worst months, have seen over 4 feet of rain fall in July more than once. This year July has given a few decent days, June was Brutal. This year with the first Rains came Lightning, and lots of it. Last night we had more big storms, they just keep coming.

    When you have to stop what you are doing to empty your knee high rubber boots, that is serious rain.

    Was not a particularly hard Dry Season here on the Coast but much of the Main was in serious drought conditions, they have been getting some much needed rain.

    I was desperate to get some sort of Veggie growing so put in some Black-Eyed Peas in mid May. Harvested and cooked the first mess yesterday. Only had a few Okra (has not been liking all the rain) so sliced them up and tossed them in towards the end of cooking. Hopefully in another week or 2 I will have enough to fry. No Kidding I think I ate over 5# of cooked Peas yesterday, had been a Long time and it seems I was Hungry for them, been savoring the little bit I have leftover. Good thing is I planted plenty, can easily harvest another mess tomorrow if my Hunger for them remains.
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