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Thread: Opportunity, or dashed dream.. Who knows...

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    Default Opportunity, or dashed dream.. Who knows...

    Whether it is the prevalence of Facebook as a means of social interaction and the volume of "For sales" reflecting that, or an actual exodus of people unloading their dreams - I do not know.. This one struck me as a dashed dream being unloaded. But what do I know... :-P

    An unique and innovative business - the mobile Kombi Bar!
    Kombi is a Classic 1600 Volkswagen model, a German originated project which were on the market for more than six decades, an iconic vehicle of a generation.
    Kombi Bar is a project that comes to Nicaragua with the intention of innovate in tracking creative endeavors, thus inaugurating a concept called "pop up bar" which in short are creative and temporary bars, is multipurpose and customizable according to your intention of use.
    E.G, Kombi Bar is ideal for business like:
    - Food Trucks
    - Restaurants
    - Hotels
    - Nightlife districts
    - Thematic Bar
    - Concerts
    - Etc...
    Look no further, this is an unique business opportunity, the only one in the country.
    Kombi Bar has a certificate of recognition from CCSN (Camara de Comercio y Servicios de Nicaragua) for its participation in the 5th edition of Business Ideas and Young Companies.
    The Kombi Bar prototype is made up of the vehicle itself, which is converted to Bar to be parked, it has roof and pull-rod, adapted for electrical connection (4 outlets), adaptation to potable water inlet and outlet water, flexibe tap and washing, LED lighting, cabinet / internal pantry, cabin with new upholstery, original chrome accessories and new tires.
    For more information please contact: +505 7889 1919
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    Default Re: Opportunity, or dashed dream.. Who knows...

    I'll take a guess...

    They drove it down, found out how much the import taxes are, and promptly put it up for sale.

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    Default Re: Opportunity, or dashed dream.. Who knows...

    Some dream of the endless PARTY.

    What's that saying (by Pepto-Bismol?) "Party til you puke." Or "everything has to come to an end, sometime."

    On import duty: I drove my Toyota Tacoma down to Nicaragua 4 times, looked into selling it but the tax I'd had to have paid was more than it was worth. So I drove it back. Pellas has a cozy deal going.
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    Default Re: Opportunity, or dashed dream.. Who knows...

    you DONT'T need a KOMBI for some of the uses thou.
    I've seen mobile food shops ALL over Esteli,they just make it into a trailer and tow it where they want to sell.
    Cigar zone in Esteli,is the HOT spot,it usually has a bunch of food,drinks trailers at nite,and often times late nite.
    I thought about doing my "Fresh fried fish" gig with one on 'em trailers but... nahhh

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