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Thread: Just Another Day...

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    Unhappy Just Another Day...

    Focusing on no spending and increasing sales, so spent the day at home, working on the computer, spiffying up my latest foodie email, and designing flyers that I can pass out around town. Only left my house once, to check on a friend's place while she is out of town, and passed a huge pile of cuttings that the city must have done for luz lines. Grabbed some guava branches out of there, as that is medicine!

    At home, after all computer work was done, and medicine was made, I played online on FB, chatting with a few of the crazy fun chicas I know in country. It was a joke and limerick fest! But, Grits was ticked by this point, not enough activity for my puppy, and he started giving me the evil eye.

    D*mn, gotta love those Nica ears!!

    And now, for a limerick or two... have to share, my girls are awesome!!

    "There was a young girl named Sapphire,
    who succumbed to her lover’s desire,
    she said “It’s a sin,
    but now that it’s in,
    could you shove it a few inches higher?”

    "There once was a woman named Alice
    who used a dynamite stick as a phallas.
    They found her vagina in North Carolina
    and part of her anus in Dallas!

    "Their was a young man from Belgrass,
    Who had balls that were made out of brass,
    When they got together and played Stormy Weather,
    The thunder shot out of his ass"
    "Patience is a virtue, but persistence to the point of success is a blessing."

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    Default Re: Just Another Day...

    Shazam, those are some smoking-hot limericks girl! Break out a case of -4°C Toña to cool our feeble TRN minds.

    Was Grits' momma a bunny with blue eyes? Like the killer rabbit of Caerbannog that guarded the cave that held instructions to find the grail in the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail?
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    Default Re: Just Another Day...

    I wouldn't mind spending a night in Castle Anthrax after reading this thread.


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