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    If you are one of the unfortunate who have to settle for a Claro USB modem to get internet (as opposed to an unlimited usage cable connection that usually comes with a router) there is some help at hand. One annoyance of this is,, only one person can be online at any moment,, passing the modem around as needed.

    The Next Polaris 150 Modem Router is available at Radio Shack and accepts the USB modem and then acts as a conventional hotspot, or mini-router,, broadcasting the WiFi signal 100 feet. I bought mine at the small Radio Shack store in the Metro Center in Estelí.

    There is also a wired ethernet connection available from the router. It's powered by either a USB connection to the computer,, or it's own power adapter (wall wart).

    Another big advantage of this unit would be for someone who has a signal but has to access it up on a tower, or on the roof,,, anything remote. You would have to pull power to it,, of course.

    It broadcasts a conventional, open,, WiFi signal as soon the USB modem is plugged in and the router boots. It can be password protected.

    Price is C$1200. Well documented set up instructions in three languages, and online manual.

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    Update on the NEXXT Polaris 150 Router:

    It works great but would allow the Claro USB modem to time out and drop the connection. This is not a problem when the modem is plugged into the laptop or computer, but plugged into the router,,,,, it's an issue.
    I would have to log into the router and reboot it to get the modem connected again. Or I could just pull out the modem,, and stick it back in, but that won't be practical when the modem is on top of the tower.

    The solution: The router has a provision that allows it to access a remote time server to keep date and time current. You can choose how often you want the time update, and oddly, there is a provision to update the time every half hour. It's almost like it was put there for that purpose.

    The advantage of the router doing this as opposed to some little script that I could write to accomplish the same thing is,,, the computer doesn't have to be on or connected. It all happens in the router.

    So far, so good, the internet was available when I got up this morning.

    The fat lady hasn't sung yet though, and I'm sure I'll have more surprises,, probably after everything is securely attached at the top of the tower,,,, but the ability for everyone to use their own device to connect via WiFi and not wait in line for the modem is a godsend.

    This was all started by the erratic operation of the modem. We bought a new one,, and a pre-pago chip and saldo,, and it worked great. The post pago chip that I pay C$690 a month for would work,, and then not work. How can a chip fail that way? I was looking everywhere else for the problem.

    Krisnia is going to transfer the post pago service to another chip this week.

    MoviStar put a new tower on the mountain, maybe 1000 meters line of sight from the house. They brought in a tractor and cut a road to the top. The tower is not active yet, and unless they are going to power it with solar, they still have to bring power up there. That will cost a pretty penny.

    There is no guarantee that the MoviStar signal will carry internet service. It's impossible to get a straight answer from anyone,, I'll just have to buy a MoviStar modem and some saldo and see if I can connect.
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    Another Update on the Polaris Hot Spot

    The rain let up enough to where I could finally get it up on the tower. The unit does not have enough punch to push the WiFi signal everywhere I need it to be.
    It does work well enough in the house as long as the unit is in the house, and I've been streaming Fox News and YouTube without issues. It doesn't get to Krisnia's bedroom,, which is a loft over the bodega. That was one of our goals.

    I know the signal is much stronger up on the tower.

    There are any number of ways to skin this cat, but it has to include some solution that will include a connection for my MagicJack. I HAD the MagicJack plugged into my desktop computer but the phone was only active when the computer was on.

    I don't have a problem leaving the computer on,, but we are prone to power "bumps",, brief outages that drop the computer's power. Until someone turns the computer on,, and logs in (to bring up the MagicJack app which loads at Log in), there is no phone.

    I've got an assortment of routers, bridges, and a pair of power line adapters which send the signal over a power line some serious distance, and one big WiFi amplifier which I might be able to configure as an AP (access point).

    Everything put into the mix adds somewhat to the latency of the signal, which degrades my ability to stream Bill O'Reilly,, so there is motivation for an optimal solution.

    In any case, I've got my internet back, and it's working well for the moment.

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    I've found that extenders work well when the wifi router is confounded by walls or distance.

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