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    As promised,, some pics of the electric fence setup.
    This has worked out so well that I am moving directly into acquiring an impregnated pure bred sow.

    I can pasture the "feeders" with grain supplementation, and put the sow in the pen I built. I'll have to get a boar eventually,, of course, but can put that off for the moment. My only concern is, the smaller pigs could be stolen from the pasture. I have the chicken/pig pens alarmed, and I can easily put together something for the pigs.

    I modified the chicken/ pig area to provide more protection from the wind and rain. I'm going to hang a couple of LED fluorescents to encourage them to eat at night. While designed to keep the chickens warmer, the new zinc walls also block the wind to the pig pen. I don't think that the chickens get cold,, they just don't eat like they should. The constant rain and overcast probably has something to do with it too.

    I've had good luck with these pigs. Easy keepers. They are staying within the electric fence enclosure. The pig shelter is quickly movable. It consists of two of the bins you see on top, and two sheets of eight foot zinc wrapped up the back and over the top. The back zinc is held vertical by three 1/2 inch rebar stakes. The inside (floor of their house,, if you will),, has six inches of wood shavings.

    The bins on top are their food,, semolina in one, and ground corn in the other.

    I've been experimenting with a mix of the semolina and corn,, mixed with a liter of milk for their morning feed. They love it.
    If I don't mix it all together, they just drink the milk.
    They get as much corn on the cob as they want during the day. I'd still like to get some molasses in the mix, but I think I need to start sooner.

    They are just as happy with whey as they are with milk,, and I'm looking for a source. There is a lot around,, a byproduct of the soft cheese generally made from the campo milk. The milk is running me 12.5 cents a liter. The whey should be much less. We make the soft cheese too,, but not in the quantity necessary.

    Another thing I'd like to try is sprouting the corn in a five gallon bucket, long enough to soften it.

    The goal is to get a leanly fattened pig,, quickly. So,, it has to be the right combination of feed, and it has to be something that they like to eat. And it has to be affordable.
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    Default Re: Electric Fence Pictures

    Great looking set up!
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    Well designed set-up. All they need are hot towels and it would be 5 star. Be interesting to see how quickly they tear their patch as they get older.

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