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Thread: Coast History Made

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwah2249 View Post
    Maybe running a bus line to Bluefields is bad luck . . .
    Very suspicious.
    How does fire gutting the interior of one unoccupied bus jump to ignite the interior of the other?

    Much of those comments on FB are emotional attacks against the owner. A tough crowd, that Bluefields bunch.

    I would suggest to any future busline operators that they buy surplus troop transport vehicles, with cheap canvas covers. Maybe Russia will donate some?
    I never met a Semite I didn't like.

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    Default Re: Coast History Made

    Here's a whole website full of fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonh View Post
    Here's a whole website full of fail.
    Headline in La Prensa today,, Nicaragua Is Bleeding referring to all the recent deaths from road accidents

    I made the visa run last night.
    Transito everywhere. I got off late because I was building a new piglet house for the expected babies,, just someplace simple where they can go to keep warm and where the sow can't lie on them.

    Transito does not seem to be aggressively stopping people, just maintaining a presence. I wasn't stopped.

    Peñas Blancas closes at midnight,, and CR shuts down at 11PM. I got there at 9PM and was on my way back north at 10:40. I used the "drive into CR but don't get the permit" routine. Cost me $50 instead of the $40 I was quoted, but I got a new permit for the car that can be renewed in Managua,, and another 90 days. Migration was really nice,, they suggest residency,, I tell them I've already started, we chat for awhile and they hand me my passport back.

    Indeed, I need to move on.

    CR insurance is $39 but is good for 90 days. You can suspend your car permit and re-use it as well,,, although IT costs nothing but time. $8 for the exit tax,, buck less if you get it in Liberia at the bank. So,, I could have paid the insurance and used it again is 60 days.

    No one there that time of night,, no lines anywhere. PN lady --who double checks the aduana was from Condega,, knew where my farm was.

    Everyone was really nice,, except for one aduana guy who knew what I was doing and huffed and puffed about the truck not actually going into Costa Rica.
    I was already interacting with a nice grandmotherly adunero who did my customs form out and was doing it in, she kind of blew him off.

    The rule is, the vehicle has to leave Nicaragua after 30 days, or get extended in MGA for another 30 days. There isn't anything about the vehicle having to leave the CR border area and travel into the interior

    The girl doing the car permit is super fast as always,, and pretty as well. Friendly. Peñas Blancas is actually quite shaped up, with the new multi-purpose building.

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