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Thread: The Plot thickens, or the plot thins

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    Default Re: The Plot thickens, or the plot thins

    We got up north this past weekend.

    We took the boat across lake Huron (Chee CheMaun) which made the trip to a lake side cabin for the first evening. Got some astrophotography in and it wass OK for my first kick - A little blurry when zoomed in but OK for thumbnails like the attached.

    When at the plot we found we had new neighbors who are from the city where my Mom lives (Hamilton) and we struck up a conversation. They bought last July and have one acre.

    We trudged the 200' into the bush, moved some logs, took some measurements made some observations and left two trailcams set.

    A return trip the first 2 weeks of Nov will show if the trail cams find anything and a new set of cards will be popped in then. In discussion with those neighbors it came to light that another neighbor (We are at the corner point of 4 - 100 acre parcels with a few small cut outs) has a water well.

    That neighbor, with the well, is also squatting on public land - Apparently an exception of structures built before 1978 allowed it to stand. The structure is very tired and the elderly owner does not get to it often. The 4 of us (Corner land owners) will see if we can convince the fellow to allow access to the well - The well is on public land so it should be not that much trouble to just mimic another beside that well pump shack.

    Working now to get a road access to the property that will allow a equivelent to building permit to be generated. As it is an unincorperated township there is not a building certificate, but a certificate of conformity. The CofC is just a drawing that shows structure #1 here, structure #2 there making sure it is a certain amount of distance from the property line.
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    Dude !!!.... Its a Canal !!! Can you Dig it ??

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    Default Re: The Plot thickens, or the plot thins

    Fascinating shit! Untold adventures in the waiting.
    Makes Nicaragua look like a walk in the park. We've got SINSA,, after all.
    At least some of us are getting out and about.

    It will be nice to have somewhere cool to go (albeit virtually) in Nicaragua in April before the rains start.

    So, you need to get a U tube channel going, with a catchy name so we can all subscribe.

    Nanook of the North
    is already taken

    Most of the rest of us are just sitting around, listening to Bob Dylan,, waiting for the fat lady to sing.

    J&J's vaccine is coming from behind, but looks like it might be the eventual winner for a number of reasons.

    Johnson & Johnson has begun manufacturing the vaccine on an industrial scale to build up a supply that can be released immediately if the vaccine is authorized, Dr. Stoffels said in an interview on Wednesday. He expected to have tens of millions of doses ready by the end of the year. “Then we can ramp up to many more batches,” he said.

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