So over the past 30 or so months I have put bits and pieces on our plot scattered amongst generic older house building threads and all packed threads and the like.

This thread is meant to collect all of those disjointed bits as the rubber meets the road visit.

Chilo was sent a video , a couple videos actually, of a reliable clean up family that my BIL has found.

The lot was stripped to the soil, the cuttings burned, and scattered trash cleaned up as well. It now clear that the lot is "Clear". More on that later.

The video also shows the cobble stone has passed our front entrance (was dirt road Nov 2015) and new neighbors across the boulevard.

So the plot is in a group of 24 about 800m north of the Maxi Pali in Masaya. Our plot is one of the mid sized ones of 35x75 foot with nonsquare ends. some were 25x75. There is a boulevard that runs down the center of the collection/neighborhood. Guess of the entire subdivision is maybe 200 foot wide by 400 foot deep. We all share a spiffy new DN/DS transformer taken off the 22Kv mains traversing between (I am guessing) Carlos Fonseca 2 (Bunker generating stating) and Masaya.

We have the plot facing the main street. the lot directly behind us is empty (but sold) and the lot right behind that one, is occupied, with what looks like a younger couple with 2 kids and a 10 to 12 yr old Hyundai (But not a beater.)

The fellow who developed the plot lives on our side of the boulivard, about 3/4 down towards the back, with a double lot (so 150 x 75)

To the east of this development is another of those cookie cutter developments called "Las Vagas" which had 3 houses in Nov 2015, Google maps now shows at least 2 more houses built.

Across the newly cobbled street, to the North west, is another development we do not know much about yet. This area looks to be 2X larger than our development with a more meandering road structure. Unlike our development, there appears to be a cobble stone street already with just one house built according to Google maps.

The plan for this trip is barbed wire fence, as first level, and to see if reliable builder buddy can be commissioned to build a real block fence. This is reference is for the front (street) facing facade to stop (assumed) property cross cutting.

The family who did the cleaning looks really encouraging as help to build. Looks like it is a middle aged couple with a couple boys who were recently bequeathed some land close to Masaya. They invited my BIL and SIL to their compound of what looks like 50' by 200' plot that they have built a bamboo fenced compound (to about 7') and a 20x20 Zink clad house in (get this) 2 weeks ! They were at our plot to clean it within 2 days of being asked and mowed down 3' of over growth within 4 hours. Even burning out the roots of two nasty vines in the center of the plot.

The mason fellow is supposedly in town for our visit (Well it is SS so I guess it is not that suprising) . He regularly is out to Managua and Granada doing jobs. A pleasant surprise (from our Nov '15 trip) was finding out that he actually lives within a couple 100 m of our plot.

Chilo knows a lady who actually has a cement block business and has what seems to be a good deal (example C$50 for a 24"x24"x3" block) Have to buy a couple and sledge them to see what it is for strength.

Only thing missing now is a rebar source for the posts and cross pieces for the fence. That is one thing to dig in too.

Will drop a bunch of photos once we actually touch down ...