Greetings all: This is Mike Quinn aka webtrainer and I wanted to update everyone as to what's going on with my life. Basically, it is sucking big time... I'm in an urgent, critical situation.

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You might have seen my Facebook posts about this but of course on there I can't really get into details. First off, if anyone can help me, I really need help. I'm in the classic "land rich, cash poor" situation. I've been locked out of my own house/farm, I had to shut down my bnb business, El Porton Verde, I'm effectively homeless, staying with a friend in Managua, and based on what my lawyer has found out about the case I have pending, it looks like my ex'es family is in it to win it so to speak, so this will go on for a while.

The usual dumb male gringo story... I met a girl, I thought I couldn't get anyone pregnant, we had a baby almost right away, bada bading she's living with me and we have our beautiful son Mickey. Then stupid me, her younger brother and sisters were alone in a house in La Subasta so wouldn't it be better if they lived here? Then the mother-in-law kicked out the elder daughter when she was eight months pregnant, so there you go, another person, followed quickly thereafter by her son. Then finally, why spend money on rent for a house in La Subasta MIL and step-father, why not give me that money for raising your kids instead? So I went from being single to effectively having five children and four adults under my roof.

Well needless to say, it didn't go all that well. The family are Costeñas from Puerto Cabezas and especially the MIL (and now her daughter, my ex) are very violent. It took me quite a while to get them to not go to the belt to beat the kids for whatever thing they did. Getting along with all of these people has been a huge challenge. We had to go to the police station several times for intrafamily violence, mediation, all that stuff. This is sister vs sister, sister vs MIL, etc. I knew better than to get physical with these people. For one, the Nicaraguan laws are inequal between the sexes. A man can scratch a woman and go to jail. A woman needs to machete off a limb to get into any kind of trouble. Second, these women, my ex and her mother are big people, almost my height and outweigh me by maybe 70 lbs.

I was working with my ex to have her agree that we needed to get rid of the family members. I really thought I had convinced her, to give the nuclear family a chance, but it was all a big act. I had been reflecting on my existence and became aware that this whole situation was insane. I certainly didn't come to Nicaragua to be in so much stress. Paz y tranquilidad is what I was looking for! I was determined to change this and the first mandatory move was to get rid of the family.

On the way to the lawyers to find out how to do that, I discover there's no $$$ in my wallet. We go back to the house (ostensibly to "find" the money...) and when I stop the truck she goes running into our room and locks the door. I use my key to open it, and ask her what is she doing? She says she knows I'm fooling around on her (not true) and proceeds to throw me around and then starts choking me. I don't resist, I ask her to calm down so we can talk about it, etc. But she kept on choking me, I couldn't breath, I was getting lightheaded, I really felt like I was going to die. Her sisters were outside the door just watching. With my last remaining breath, I plead for help and they do absolutely nothing.

Fun story, huh? So finally she gets off of me. It wasn't my turn to die, at least that day! I'm wracking my breath, the adrenaline is flowing, and I needed to go to the police station to report this. But she took my truck keys during the violence. So I take my child with me and he and I make our way via caponeara and bus to the police station. She's already there, talking to an officer that we both know. I report the crime, but they don't send me to Medicina Legal for a physical or psychological exam. I leave to go to the gas station on the corner and wait for the investigator. He finally arrives and we go to the farm. It's obvious that we can't agree to be calm towards each other, so back to the station we go. We finally talk to the captain and they finally agree to send me to Medicina Legal for the physical. When there, the doctor tells me I need to go back and ask for the psychological exam.

So I do both, and have the chance to recount the atmosphere of violence, the fights, the threats, the consistent pressure streaming from the MIL and her daughter. And my concern that I don't want my son to grow up in that sort of family, where violence is normalized. Once the family gets wind that I'm trying to get custody of my boy, all hell breaks loose. I have at least a chance to win the custody battle, and if so, their meal ticket (my boy) is worthless to them. So now they've got my DL, passport, almost all of my clothes, etc. I did get the truck and the escritura to my property.

I've spoken to the US Embassy but they really aren't any help. I've started my GoFundMe to get some emergency cash, but now the legal costs are growing as the family now is saying that I've molested the children, and some other things maybe even worse. The saying "When you have nothing to lose, you lose it." comes to mind as the family definitely is going all-out in this legal battle and are not limited to the facts of the situation.

If you've come this far, hey thanks for reading...I've got at least a decent lawyer, it would be nice to be able to afford a Paul Tiffer or someone like that, but I don't have thousands of dollars at hand. If you can help me, please do so. Thank you.

Cheers, Mike (formerly and hopefully soon to be again) @ El Porton Verde, Managua