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Thread: The Great Nicaraguan Milk Swindle

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    Default The Great Nicaraguan Milk Swindle

    As TRN regulars know,, I buy my "hijo crianza" fresh milk,, daily picked up by one of my employees. The cow is supposedly milked at 7:30 and Dimas shows up later and later,, generally gets back to work at 8:30.

    No big deal. It's important to me that Sebastian has fresh milk. I then add a supplement that replaces the missing vitamins and minerals in cows' milk. It's not cheap,, the supplement.

    With this he gets the all important fat for his brain development, and the vitamins and minerals he would get if he were nursing.

    I started to get concerned with the quantity I was providing,, and started questioning Dimas about it. The internet says a child of his age should consume 18 ounces of milk and get the rest of his nutrition from solid food.

    Sebastian was consuming on average 64 ounces. Or,, at least that was what I was providing on average.

    Picking up Sebastian from his grandmother one day,, I hand her a full liter of milk in a mason jar and she hands me a nursing bottle of diluted powered milk. She then remarks,, "This will just spoil (my mason jar of milk),, I'll make cuajada out of it".

    So,, Dimas,, what is going on??? It turns out that indeed, they substitute powered milk for my fresh and turn it into cuajada. Some times the milk sours, because there is more than Sebastian consumes. How often this is happening, I have no clue. Dimas claims that there is too much "Pena" to talk about it.

    The problem with all of this is,, it's my milk,, and not their milk. Even soured I can feed it to my pigs,, they prefer it to fresh anyway.

    So,, I lay into Dimas. Pointing out,, that this is simply a form of theft of my property. I pay for the milk,, and I pay for his time to go get it. Sour or not,, excess to Sebastian's needs,,it's my milk. It doesn't belong to anyone to turn into cuajada, or do anything else with.

    I didn't think that he would come back the next day,,, Nicaraguas don't like being chewed on,,, it's that orgullosa thing,, which would have been fine with me.
    I don't want any thieves on the farm.

    It's impossible to avoid a little slippage. Javier leaves with a pocket full of fence staples he forgot to return to the box. I miss animal feed from time to time,, I don't know how they are removing it,, but I will find out.

    However, with what I pay Dimas his options are limited. He would never duplicate his pay,, much less the consistency of it.

    I may still fire him,,, I haven't decided yet. You would think that the example of Jayro would have been sufficient: My ex manager now works construction in Estelí, makes less than Dimas, and spends a brief day home on Sunday before he has to get back on a bus for a hard 6 day week in the sun.

    But, what's important here??
    The immediate solution was two identical stainless steel thermos bottles of one liter, into which I put the refrigerated milk. I also taste every bottle,, to insure that there is no "sour" excuse. They are still not into the concept. I should be able to drop off one in the early morning and pick up the other. However, the other still has milk,, and they are reluctant to give it up.

    What part of "It's MY milk are they still having trouble with"?
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    Default Re: The Great Nicaraguan Milk Swindle

    A gal I carpooled to skool with my senior year did her senior project on "Shrink", the disappearance of merchandise from inventory due to all causes.
    Nice word, "Shrink".

    "Support mental health or I'll break your head"

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    Default Re: The Great Nicaraguan Milk Swindle

    As soon as something leaves your hands, it's not yours any more. Golly, there's a lesson in there somewhere.

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    Default Re: The Great Nicaraguan Milk Swindle

    " . . .Golly, there's a lesson in there somewhere. ...."

    You guys are making fun of me again.
    I'm going to tell JW on you.

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    Default Re: The Great Nicaraguan Milk Swindle

    Soy el chele mono.

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