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Thread: Lotta gumballs in the world

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    Default Lotta gumballs in the world

    The gumball theory of immigration.

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    But he starts with an opening false premise.

    Immigration is not to reduce world poor - It is to sustain a viable population.

    Japan has a birth rate below 2.4 (Something like 1.6) Its population has fallen from a peak of 190+ million to 130 - Japan may be below 100Million my 2100.

    With the one child policy in China they may fall below 900 milion before 2100 - Some say the 30+ years of one child may actually doom the culture by 2200.

    We need immigration to keep our population replenished by something to replace the birth rate - And taking the best and the brightest from countries keeps us (Canada / USA/ EU) with those with get up and go.

    He uses 1million as a number for yearly immigration. In a country of 330 million that is less than 1/3 of a percent. Canada takes 1% (Before refugees)
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    Japan is doubly blessed-- they have negative population growth and they don't allow immigrants in significant numbers. The will have demographic challenges, but someday they will shrink down until they have met equilibrium with their resource base, and no multiculturalism to tear society apart. They apparently like their country and culture enough they see no need to throw it away.

    The studies I have seen about a sustainable population for the US show numbers in the 125 to 200 million range. Maybe if Americans didn't have to work so hard to support immigrants they might have more kids. Either way, it would take a long time to shrink the population to levels needed for a good quality of life and no environmental degradation..

    His big false premise is that you can help people in their own countries. That doesn't work either, the birth rate will almost always outstrip the economic growth rate. That is Nicaragua's fate--a lower percent of poor but an increasing actual number of poor, an fewer resources to support them.
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    Growing an economy by increasing the population is unsustainable. Unfortunately elected idiots continue to "grow" the population to increase the economy because its the easy way to get positive numbers. There will always be competition between countries and taking qualified people should remain part of the immigration policy. The problem is when you take unqualified people while acknowledging existing problems in your country. To me its basically admitting your immigration policy is politically self serving to keep your numbers up and not having to do the real work of resolving existing problems.

    An educated population generally self regulates its population based on the quality of perceived life and social pressures.

    There are of course cultural exceptions, usually found in religions worldwide.

    It might seem like a long time but the USA will change a lot over the next decade. We are in the phase of a generational turn over. The percentage of voters in power is shifting from Baby Boomers as they decrease in numbers to Gen-Xers.

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    Default Re: Lotta gumballs in the world

    Nice post Hawk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by el duende grande View Post
    Maybe if Americans didn't have to work so hard to support immigrants they might have more kids.
    What? This is the internet, so its hard to tell sarcasm or intent. But this statement is a bit ridiculous.
    No one is thinking "well, with how much money i am spending to support all these immigrants, we better not have any children". I dont think ive ever even heard that argument before this thread. First off, the amount that the average american spends taking care of immigrants is a very very small percentage. (unless you are counting the old guys that come to take a young wife and knock her up, bring them back, and then take care of her and the kids).
    And even if you could or did monetize the amount an average american spends on supporting immigrants, and gave that money back to them every year, you would probably find that they had an extra hundred bucks in their pocket every year. Getting an extra couple hundred a year is not going to make ANYONE think "hey you know what? im doing pretty good here, i think we should pop out a couple more kids now!"

    What american actually thinks they are playing a big part in "supporting immigrants" on a personal level anyway?

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    An interesting book is the 15% solution.
    Mostly liberal BS and the author was clearly paid by the word,,, but some good points.

    Posits a conservative takeover of the US,, renamed the NAR (New American Repubic),, written before BHO was elected (or even in twinkle in someone's eye). The new republican president uses basically what BHO used,, executive orders,, well stacked supreme court,, then amendments to rewrite the constitution.

    The author uses the word "racist" more than the word the "the" and I wouldn't applaud ALL the changes (did like those Killer Fences)

    The point of the title is a I think Karl Rove quote (but don't quote me),, that only 15% of the electorate decide any given election.

    I'm a little right of center,, so was hoping that this meeting between Trump and Duerte would result in an agreement where US drug users could be moved to drug rehabilitation centers in the Philippines. Probably a little early in the presidency.

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