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    Interesting article by Tiffer. Seems Nic law is baby happy: if you die without a will your spouse will not get your property, your kids will, even if they are furriners. Also seems that in Nic law having a will will prevent probate, not just start the miserable process.

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    We got ours last trip, well Maria did. It was a one pager and (like Tiffer states) it requires 3 witnesses that have known the person in the will for some time.

    We wanted to list the kids but did not realize that the birth certificates were needed - We had the kids take pictures of them and sent them down but that did not happen.

    The document resides in 3 places - 1) With the lawyer, with the Corta Supreama and one with us.

    The charge was $100 all in.

    It was the same lady that did my BIL's house paperwork.

    There is an auditory reading of the will first for the witnesses. All 3 need to be there for the witness. FUNNY STORY it was set for 4 PM and EVERY ONE WAS THERE BY 4:10 ---- Amazing !!.

    The lawyer stated that it need not be revised as the asset base builds (e.g. house on property or a second property etc etc.)
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