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Thread: 2'x2'x2 foot box....

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    Default 2'x2'x2 foot box....

    Well it looks like BIL is getting his Nascar size tool chest sent back 6' high 3'wide 2' deep - Has all of the tools he did not send down 3 yrs ago.

    It is being packed into a container for $300

    He says that we can send a 2'x2'x2' box with no weight restriction for $100. So now we are cobbling together an OSB box for just that. Chilo is big on Ikea cups so we made a trek there this aft on a stop over to my Moms. I truly believe that Ikea applies a psycic profile to its stores to complells you to spend over $200 on every visit - We spent $250 :-) . I wanted an Ikea clever to go, so I bought a new one and the old one will ship. I have an older B&D Circular saw and some other bits - Will see what happens with this and its storage at BIL's place until Dec. We may send more of a container under ley 535 (another post) early next year .
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    Default Re: 2'x2'x2 foot box....

    Yeah, I have a thing for Correlle cups and dishes and Henckels cutlery. Got a whole footlocker of them in AZ that I picked up at yard sales, etc. I move them down a little in each suitcase, weight being the limiting factor on ceramica. Silverware and tools will send you to secondary at the airport. I think they know what it is on the xray machine but have to create some movement to secondary. No big deal, they look at the stuff and say OK.

    The little woman says to stop bringing it down, we have too much, but when I suggest we farm it our to the relatives she gets very protective of her stuff. A cultural note-- according to the creencias de los abuelos, you cannot give a knife to somebody or they will become your enemy. So they pay you 10 cords and the gods are appeased. No fooling!

    pS-- keep your favorite Nakiri knife under lock and key and Need To Know basis.

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