I recall (Vaguely) this law was discussed here about the time I joined (Mid 2008)

Receltly my BIL talked of using it for bringing stuff(s) back after returning 3 yrs ago - Some of his stuff was in storage and he wants to take down a newer vehical as well.

Also it is time for Chilo to get her ducks in a row on what to bring back.

One thing we do need to find out what the term "residence" means as we will only be back in country for 100 to 180 days a year.


Here is a googalized version of what fits in the TRN post buffer


The acknowledgment of receipt must be fixed in the original and copy of the request, and must contain date, time, name and surname
of the receiving employee and its signature. If the documents were duly verified and complete, an identification code will be assigned to the application, indicating the date on which the applicant must withdraw the response to his / her request for immigration incentives.

FOURTH: When the documents accompanying the request for immigration incentives are not complete, the technician will provide the applicant with the information needed to complete the respective documentation and his application can be accepted.

FIFTH: The request to opt for the migratory incentives established in the Law,

Must state:

1. Names, surnames, identification and signature of the applicant.

2. Names and surnames of the members of the family group.

3. Name, surnames, signature and accreditation of the Legal Representative by Notary Special Power, in case of not appearing the applicant. A personal interview must always be made to the beneficiary at the MHCP, within a period of forty-five (45) days, renewable once, starting from the date of receipt of the request, otherwise the same will be denied.

4. Express tax incentives to be exempted (household goods, vehicles and capital goods, raw materials for the establishment of companies, businesses or factories). The motor vehicle may be new or used and in both cases the CIF value, Managua, Shall not exceed US $ 25,000.00 (TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA), or its equivalent in legal tender currency. In case the motor vehicle exceeds this value, the beneficiary must pay the corresponding taxes for the difference in excess of the exonerated value. In the case of internment of instruments for the professional exercise, utensils, tools and equipment necessary for the development of the activity of returnees in the exercise of their profession or trade, as well as capital goods and raw materials for the establishment of companies, businesses Or factory, this benefit will be up to a conglomerate amount of US $ 200,000.00. (TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA), or its equivalent in legal tender currency, in assets.

SIXTH: The application for immigration incentives must be accompanied by the following documentation: 1. Photocopy of passports or travel documents of the persons who make up the family nucleus and / or the applicant; 2. Certificate of Migration issued by the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior, or another duly authenticated document demonstrating residence abroad, at least in the last five (5) years prior to the date Of entry into force of the Law; 3. Guarantee of the Consulate of Nicaragua, where the applicant resided, or by the relevant consular authority;

4. List of household items, specifying whether it is new or used, duly authenticated.

5. Duly authenticated list of capital goods, Raw materials for the establishment of enterprises, businesses or factories, instruments, tools, tools and equipment necessary for professional practice, development of activity or office of the returnee;

6. Ownership title of the vehicle and declaration before a Notary Public about ownership of the vehicle, if the vehicle brings it from abroad; And proforma invoice if the vehicle is new and purchased in local commerce. In the import of used vehicles must be accompanied by inspection and evaluation details, which must not have more than seven years of manufacture, as provided by the DGA. They include cars, trucks, work vans, buses, motorcycles with or without sidecar among others.

7. Declaration before a Notary Public in which it must be stated that the goods that are exempted, May not be sold or transferred to third parties within three years from the date of acceptance of their customs declaration. Likewise, it must declare its commitment to reside in the country for at least a minimum of three years, indicating the exact address of its domicile in the country and express those who integrate the family nucleus in cases in which the conjugal relationship can not be demonstrated and family.

8. Document demonstrating the economic and financial autonomy and solvency of the applicant, in the case established in article 11 of the Law.

SEVENTH: Once the application has been submitted with all the documentation described above, the technicians designated by the MHCP will proceed to carry out The process for the granting of the requested Migratory Incentives, By means of the Definitive Resolution of Migration Incentives, signed by the Secretary General of the MHCP and issued once, with which the request will be granted, regardless of the requested Incentives and declared values.

EIGHTH: Signed the Resolution granting the right to Migratory Incentives, it will be noted in a Book of Exit, in which the delivery to the interested party of the original Resolution sent to the DGA is registered, and the signature of the applicant upon receipt copy. The DGA will give effect to the application in the conduct according to the procedure established in the Law of Fiscal Equity its Regulation and its Reforms.

NINTH: For purposes of computing the term of three (3) years established in article 7 of the Law, It shall begin to count from the date of acceptance of its customs declaration of importation.

TENTH: The General Secretariat of the MHCP shall have a manual and electronic record of applications admitted, accepted and rejected, with the information required in article 12 of Law 535, which establishes:

1. Full name, general law and number Of identity card of the beneficiaries.

2. Amount of the sum exonerated to each beneficiary.

3. Amount updated as of the date of the total exonerated sum.

4. Inventory of goods exempted by each beneficiary.

5. Any other information required, in the opinion of the MHCP.