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Thread: Home Again, Home Again -I Guess

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    Default Home Again, Home Again -I Guess

    This trip was not the longest I've spent going through Mexico,, but certainly the longest when I didn't have some other agenda in place.

    The three road blockages in the south slowed things down considerably. In the north, they had an interesting take on the idea: I experienced two groups who had taken over toll booths, and were passing everyone through toll free!
    Now, this is my kind of protest. They did have a can out accepting donations. They were better organized, handing out printed half sheets explaining the purpose of their protest.

    This wouldn't work in the south as there are NO TOLL ROADS. That's not completely true, but the major through roads are free.

    The bridge out on the highway to Oaxaca cost me a night of driving in circles. I knew the bridge was out,, I just didn't understand what I had to do to get around it.

    I expect serious aggravation passing through Central America, but this time CA was tranquil, and Mexico became the issue. It's never been like that in the past.

    Mexico is building roads like you can't believe. I experimented with some free roads instead of the toll roads with good resuts. I always take the free road from Guadalajara to Tepic because I like to go through Tequila and the surrounding country.
    This is a stretch where a Gringo could get stumbling down drunk,, and stay that way several days in a row. All the tequila factories offer a free shot, and generally a second.

    Always ask for the "Anejo" Don't drink the cheap stuff,, the best costs no more

    There are so many tequila factories that you could probably spend a week on that stretch of road,, methodically losing a week of your life. If you do,, visit the " California Table Dance Club" for me,, left side of the road going south. I never seem to pass by at the right time.

    The toll roads are cheaper past Mazatlan,, the most expensive are around Guadalajara and Mexico City.

    So,, backk in the US, chowing down on the obligatory McDonalds fries, a milkshake,,
    Crossing into the US was simple,, as usual,, I had to endure an agricultural inspection because of the coffee, otherwise,, "welcome back to the US"

    I'm staying at the La Posada in Tucson. A modestly priced property,, there is nothing like it in Nicaragua at any price. Spacious well groomed grounds, a large pool and spa,, ample parking. I'm paying $63 a night. The closest I've seen is the Hotel Granada.

    Some suggestions: A small commuter thermos for your coffee,, Starbucks has one.
    Talking books make the long stretches pass faster. You can pick them up at Goodwill.
    A pillow is a must.

    Many gas stations will accept plastic,, but not all. Many toll roads take plastic,, but not all. The most expensive,, the Arco Norte at $23, does not. None accept dollars. So, a fistful of pesos is advisable.

    Gas was $3.31 in Mexico except at the borders,, and it's $2.09 in Tucson. I'm considering entering through Texas on my next trip south. No toll roads, and cheap gas, and two days in Mexico.
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    Default Re: Home Again, Home Again -I Guess

    $23 for a toll road? I'd protest too!

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    This one is actually a good deal at $23. Before the peso fell so dramatically in value it was $35.

    But it picks you up just north of Puebla,, takes you in an arc north and around Mexico City, and drops you to the east of Morelia back on the 15. It's quite a distance.

    If you enter and exit through Texas (which I'm going to try next trip) you would only use a piece of it.

    I've long been seduced by the easy entry through Nogales. No one ever bothers me, even though the truck is loaded above the cab.
    But with the difference in gas prices,, $2.09 vs $3.31 in Mexico, and a free and fast Interstate, the savings would be substantial.

    I'm not sure, but I suspect that this route might actually be shorter.

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    Default Re: Home Again, Home Again -I Guess

    I checked routes on google a while ago and was amazed at the different options, the really weird ones saying "to avoid traffic" go this way. Seems like one route skirts the edge of Belize!

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    Default Re: Home Again, Home Again -I Guess

    Watched the USA vs Mexico futbol match a couple nights ago on Univision TV, to determine who'd play in the FIFA World Cup next year (a lengthy, not uncomplicated process that began in 2015). Played in Azteca stadium (seats 100,000). It ended a draw 1-1, which is practically equivalent to a US victory. The Mex's faked injury too much, esp. when they lost the ball near the goal, and too often were awarded penalty kicks. It's a difficult game to watch - so little progress for so long. It's even difficult to cruise the internet while it's on, cause the Mex announcers go screaming crazy for any half-assed shot toward the goal, so I get distracted, expecting something worth watching.

    At the beginning, when they played the US anthem, the Mexicans booed. Upset about Trump's clamping down on the undocumented, I guess, since remittances last year exceeded $27 billion, beating oil as Mex's main source of foreign income, and all realize this year will be a different story. Still, they're poor sports.
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