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    Default Picture of the day

    I saw this in La Prensa and thought of Key West Pirate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonh View Post
    I saw this in La Prensa and thought of Key West Pirate.

    Could be my future . .

    Another point brought home by the pic is,, Nicaraguan women in Nicaragua do not age well. Perhaps in Leon, Granada, Managua, it's a different story. But in the north, even in an urban setting, it's difficult to find an attractive, older, woman. They exist, but they are rare.

    Life and diet in the campo probably drive this. Life is still a struggle for many. I fought to maintain a more balanced diet for Sebastian, milk, fruit,, vegetables. A lucky baby stays on the breast as long as possible,, but what about his mother? And when the next baby comes?

    Then it's Nido, with luck, or gaseosa.
    The reality is harsh.
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