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    On our latest project I noticed the mano de obra seemed to be creeping up for the abanil. It was equivalent to 1/3 of the cost of construction. My previous rule of thumb was a 1:4 ratio for masonry work. We decided to continue with this guy for several reasons, including his quality had been good in the past and he did not jerk our chain--his crews have never been a problem, not with drunkenness, loud music, profanity or theft. On a remote construction this may not be a problem.But when you have people working on your family home X 8 weeks, its nice to have some degree of tranquility. Also, the wall had 3 sections, the largest one with some "engineering" that required much more cement iron and labor than the second section which was just a plain ole wall. The front wall was less problimatical, but had 2 doors and 4 large windows in a very short distance.

    oh oh, me llama la jefa, gotta go move some maceteras.. She's putting on her back brace, so she must be serious.

    Anyway,maceteras moved, back to mullah. He says he is paying his helpers c250 a day and his abaniles c400 a day. Considering the un-ending building boom in Esteli, there is probably much upward pressure on wages, although many will not pay this high. Anywho, I looked up the minimum wages, here:

    It gives the wages in cords per month, but does not break it down to helpers and journeymen. Do the math and break it down by a 6 day week and it pencils out to the range he was talking about. This law expires in a couple months, so expect to see some hikes.

    Even at this rate, bricklayers are a comparative bargain. You get a lot of heavy work done for your money. Hopefully as wages rise NIc. will move over to more efficient methods, such as cement mixers and structural block (CMU). The existing methods are very wasteful of materials and time.
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