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    On April 6th, I took a bus from the bus terminal in Leon to Telica for C$5, and from there, I walked down the highway until I reached the turn to Quezalguaque. I walked to Quezalguaque (still one of my favorite Nicaragua city names to say) and all the way down to the river. Since I was there last, they've put in a dam and created a nice swimming hole. I found a lot of people taking advantage of it. I didn't wear or bring swimming clothes, so all I did was to take pictures, and then walk back up to the park in Quezalguaque to catch a bus back to Leon.

    I wore myself out on this walk, but I enjoyed the figurative and literal walk down memory lane. I found a hand pump well on a street that I'd seen (and photographed) on a previous trip. This time, I asked a woman how long the well had been there. Judging by the look of it, I'd assumed a hundred years or more, but she told me that it is scarcely more than 10 years old. That's what I get for assuming.

    Some of you may notice that I'm posting this over 3 months after it happened. Part of the blame is mine. I got caught up in my novel writing and didn't feel up to writing TRN articles or posting anything. Part of the blame is poor internet access. I moved up to a farm in Madriz to the north-east of Condega where I don't have any internet access. I have to go down to Condega (once a week) to get any, and even then it's not strong enough to upload photos or post them here. So...sorry for the delay.

    I'm in Costa Rica to renew my 90 days at a hostel in San Jose called Pangea. They have excellent internet access here, so I plan on catching up with as many posts as I can force myself to write in one sitting.

    Here are some shots for this walk:

    Soy el chele mono.

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    Here are the rest of the photos (for the city of Quezalguaque and the dammed river:

    Soy el chele mono.

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    So dry and dusty, or was I reckon. I like the swimming pool. Doesn't look like that dam is going to hold much longer though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwah2249 View Post
    So dry and dusty, or was I reckon. I like the swimming pool. Doesn't look like that dam is going to hold much longer though.
    That's a good point, the first heavy rain will probably bust probably already has.
    Soy el chele mono.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drlemcor View Post
    That's a good point, the first heavy rain will probably bust probably already has.
    The bridge in the dam pic was clearly undermined by flooding waters. One of the massive pieces looks like it was moved. One thing that happens is,, large tree trunks will be uprooted upriver and then lodge against the bridge structure. They block the water and the bridge becomes a dam,, not what it was designed for.

    I have a small stream that flows strongly during the rainy season, less strongly during the "summer". It's in a barranca and is dammed. It cuts a road to the lower part of my farm, and I recently re-worked the road so I could more easily drive my truck to the Casa de Vagos, the Morales family home. I've dumped literally tons of rocks I've picked up from the farm and put them in the road where the stream crosses. They sink into the soft mud. It's going to take tons more, but I have lots of rocks.

    There is already a low earthen dam, but I wanted to make a small swimming hole as well. The water in the lake is silty. I think that I could make a beach on the upslope end, and it would filter the water that constantly enters the lake, but man,, that would be a lot of sand! I've been agonizing as to how to raise the dam sufficiently high to get five or six feed of depth.

    In other news:

    Jorge Morales is the current "husband" of Krisnia,, although the arrangement was concluded with a handshake and nothing more. Krisnia claims that "nos separamos" but she is seen returning to La Lima with Jorge on the Saturday afternoon bus. A sabatino, Belkis rides the same bus on her way back from school in Condega,, It's a very small community, there are no secrets.

    One of the greatest things about living in Nicaragua is the chisme. Krisnia does not have a phone,, Jorge took it away from her. I get the odd email from her, but Belkis and Ariana talk frequently using WhatsApp. The tower above the farm has FINALLY been activated, MoviStar, and we have a strong signal. Thank God!

    Ariana is off on Mondays and we run errands together, shop, but mostly, gossip. Jorge is talking about going to CR to work. Mojado. I invited Krisnia to return to the farm,, she loves it there. Jeff would have some company.

    I also pointed out that Jorge no es bienvenido. I love stirring the pot -especially this one!

    The politics are interesting. The predominant family is Gomez, they are pretty much the La Lima community. So you want to avoid pissing them off. There is also Morales, Peralta, and Vasquez. Very small families. Jorge is a Morales, and although his mother is a Gomez, she died very young, suddenly and quickly, after a short illness. It was probably cervical or ovarian cancer, but who knows?? The father, Manuel lives and works in Estelí and returns infrequently to La Lima.

    Their house and the 3/4MZ it sits on was a gift from Gomez, and sits in the middle of Gomez lands. It's the only house bordering my property, and they feel that my crops are theirs to take. Their water comes from a spring that's on an adjoining neighbor's land. The pipe passes through my farm. This is the house I refer to as the Casa de Vagos.
    They steal crops from the neighbor too, Harvey, and he's well aware of it. He caught Manuel there one time, called him out of his house, and told him if he caught him stealing again, he'd cut off his water. That's not going to happen,, water is sacred in Nicaragua. Harvey is Honduran, further complicating matters. Not as bad as being a Gringo.

    I miss it all, the life in Tucson is so boring.
    Gossiping with Ariana once a week has become the highlight of my life.
    "Get a life" would be an appropriate response.
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    Cool tree shadows on the road. Love the trees by the stairs.


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