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    On June 16h, I decided that I'd try to walk past Venecia and the other small towns to the end of the line. It's where the bus that passes by the farm on it's way to Condega in the morning originates and where the bus that the passes by the farm in the afternoon ends up. KWP had taken me down there once in the late afternoon. By the time we made it all the way to San Jeronimo (the end), it was dark out. I'd thought that I could only make it out there with a horse or a bike, but after several of the other long walks that I'd done, I figured it was in range.

    I walked out past KWP's pigs, and up the steep driveway to exit through the main gate. There's a side exit too--that's closer to La Lima. I walked down the main road and through Venecia. I couldn't resist taking a few more photos of the views from Venecia: beautiful.

    I had previously walked part way down the hill past Venecia, and I remembered that trying to climb back up was a bear. However, I didn't find the road all that difficult this time. Maybe it's because I was much fresher this time or maybe it's because I'm getting used to the terrain up here in Madriz. Either way, it was mostly a relaxing and enjoyable walk.

    Some things jumped out at me along the way, and I took some photos, but I mostly just enjoyed the chance to get out, see something new, and stretch my legs. I didn't really start taking pictures (in earnest) until I got to San Jeronimo and beyond.

    San Jeronimo proved to be a small town without many good vistas--as it's nestled in a high mountain valley. I saw a pulperia there, and decided to buy some onions and potatoes. The price was as good (if not better) than in Condega. I believe I paid C$10/pound.

    I decided to continue of the broken rocky road past San Jeronimo. It isn't passable in a vehicle, but on foot it's perfectly fine--much finer than the trails that took to La Lima and San Andres. Not far past San Jeronimo, the road turns and exits the high mountain valley (at least on one side) offering some great views. I stopped to take some photos and even a video before I turned around to walk back.

    I was tired by the time I got back to the farm, but not burnt out. I'm taking this to be a good sign.

    Here are the photos that I took to San Jeronimo (and a bit farther) and then back again:

    Soy el chele mono.

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    And here are the rest of the photos:

    Soy el chele mono.

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    Some seriously beautiful vistas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by songbird27 View Post
    Some seriously beautiful vistas.
    That's a succinct summary of Canta-Gallo (this part of Nicaragua).
    Soy el chele mono.

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