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    Another year goes by and I am still too lazy to do pitaya preserves, so I did yogurt again.

    500g natural yogurt
    pulp of one small or medium pitaya
    4 tbs honey
    1 tbs lemon juice (optional)

    dice, smash, mix, eat.

    I`m also freezing quite a bit for fresco later in the year.

    Go light on the pitaya, it can be irritating to the tummy, like magenta diarhea irritating.
    According to info on the web, pitaya is quite nutricious.

    ps: if anyone happens onto yellow pitaya (the kind with spines on the fruit) I would be interested in cuttings or seeds.
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    Looks quite tasty. Does the yellow have a different flavor that you know of?

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    I've never seen it. It is from S. america and has a small commercial harvest here in Nic. but I don't know where. It is supposed to be sweeter.

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