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Thread: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

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    Default Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    Can anyone advise on a good place to purchase a reliable 3" or 4", 4-stroke, Full-Trash Pump (similar to below link)? Need to use it for dredging so it would be great if it came with a decent warranty. Will need some hoses and attachments also.

    No luck with Sinsa or McGregors getting a response back. Might be a language barrier issue. So maybe English friendly?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    A youngish couple, Aaron and Laura Lewen, import quality pumps from China and Japan.

    They would have anything you might need.
    His stuff is mostly diesel, sells to the local Nicaraguans for the most part.

    Both have WhatsApp,,
    Aaron 505 8913 3836

    Laura 505 8616 5823

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    Will try and reach out to them. Are they up north with you?

    Know of any stores near Managua?

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    Yes,, North of Condega.

    Aaron is the original renaissance man, maybe he'll make the trip and demo a pump.

    He is WAY too housebound . . . Laura gets into MGA from time to time,,

    Too bad we don't have a good East-West road.

    " . . Need to use it for dredging . . ."
    begs any number of questions

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    That'd be great if he will meet us there or ship to BLU. We are pricing some out now in the USA but will have to add on shipping and import fees. And of course once shipped from the USA a warranty would be useless.

    When it comes to dredging we have plenty of questions also. Our canal was hand dug and its been eroding back in. Can't access upper part during really low tide in a regular size panga. Need to remove a couple feet of sand and clay the width of the canal probably about 200' or 300' length. This time need to make sure the soil is well away to prevent erosion so hoping to pump about 30' to the left and right of the canal. Not really any elevation involved other than the pump sitting on the deck of the boat. Might try a venturi power siphon system also. Will still need a couple guys for cutting bank vegetation and shoveling.

    If anyone has any experience with this I'll gladly take advice.

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    The guy you probably want is "Gene" who runs a gold dredging operation up near the Honduran border.
    I think that he bought a backhoe the last time I talked to him, or was in the process of doing so.

    Unfortunately, I cannot find contact information for him.
    Tony, a rich guy in Estelí would have it, and I exchanged some emails with him last Thanksgiving.
    I'll look . . .
    Laura MIGHT have some contact info for Gene .. . .she keeps everything.

    This one looks interesting:

    But for the $6K cost you could put together something similar yourself using a
    $299 Harbor Freight trash pump and some kind of mount to direct the intake hose where you wanted it, and force it into the surface of the canal bottom.

    I'm beginning to think that it's less about the pump than efficiently maintaining the intake position.
    Can you wade in this canal?

    My neighbor and I had simular problem several years ago and we rented a 3" diaphram pump, had 20' rigid intake and 50' discharge hose. That thing moved some sand. The intake hose had a stainer with 1/2" holes. I just laid it on the bottom, which was about knee deep, and in less than 5 minutes we had a 5' deep hole about 5' across. Ended up tieing a rope to the end of the intake to drag it around. We had to tie the pump down to keep it from rocking and rolling into the canal. When it was full of sand and water it was so heavy we couldn't move the discharge hose. We had to clear the hose with water to drag it around. Make sure you don't pump too close to bulkhead as it could pump a hole below it before you knew it had happened.

    There is a big hose place on the Caraterra Norte, on the left side as you go towards the lake, I can't remember the KM number but not hard to find.
    They would have the hose you need, excellent selection and really big stuff too.

    Lucky that you are NOT in Florida,, dredging there requires some serious permitting, impossible to get.
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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    This is just a small canal, no bulkheads, just banks.

    Wish we could get a small backhoe out there but it would probably have to be boated out and would be difficult to use. Don't even know where we would get hold of one for rent. Thought of sandbag damming it up, pumping it out and bringing in a shovel crew but really need to get the soil as far away as possible to prevent erosion so pump makes sense.

    Looked at the one in the video also. Its got a rotor at the bottom, basically a push mower with an extended shaft with an ejection housing fitted on the end. Be great if we could get the parts made for something like that. Was even looking at retrofitting an outboard mud motor so we could use it on a boat when we were done.

    Do you think a diaphram pump would be better than a full-trash pump? What you and your neighbor did in Florida sounds like what we are aiming for.

    Its easy to wade in the canal and you can walk the banks for about 400 meters of it. Ill post another video. You can see what its like at low tide, starts around 45sec mark.

    Thanks again for the info!

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    Are you dredging the full length of the canal or only small sections?

    IMHO you want the trash pump, at least 3" for the debris you will be encountering.

    I can imagine building some form of pipe, perhaps six feed long with the suction hose attached to the top end, using that as a wand to suction the bottom of the canal.
    Pump on the bank,, Move it forward as you go,, discharge hose off into the "jungle". Tedious work even if you build some form of floating raft to support the wand.
    Pump COULD be on the raft, but you still have to get the discharge hose over to the bank. It's not far . . .

    You've got some 13 feet of lift on the typical suction pump. More than enough for your purpose, that is vertical lift, the distance from the wand to the shore doesn't count.

    Some kind of foot, think of the attachment for a wet vac, but wider. That is what you are doing,, vacuuming the silt and sand off the bottom of the canal.
    Something like that could easily be built in a sheet metal shop, if it doesn't already exist.
    A sturdy beach rake to loosen the bottom before the suction passes over it.

    There are lots of videos of suction dredges working, mostly for gold mining,, if the bottom is soft, they move a lot of material.
    The bottom IS soft ??

    If you can wait until I get down there, I can haul that cheap harbor freight pump and the associated hoses down with me.
    I can get at least a 20% discount on the items,, 25% if I get lucky. At Harbor Freight, it's all about the coupons

    I was leaving in Mid January but wanted to stop by a raspberry growing operation in Guadalajara.
    Some guy has 40 acres of raspberries there; I was going to pick his brains and pick up some canes to try on my farm.
    We're about the same elevation.

    Let me spend some time looking at small gold dredges, how they handle the part that goes into the water.
    I'm sure your wheel has already been invented,, finding it is the key

    Something like this is probably not in the budget

    I really like the pic attached. Think Big!

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    We will be dredging portions of the canal. As you get closer to the lagoon it gets more depth to it.

    We have less than 13' of lift. Should only be 4' to 8' from the pump to the canal bottom at the most.

    I'm thinking also a 3" or 4" trash pump. We have a pontoon boat that we will be working off of. That will give plenty of space to work around on. Figured we would get a canal kit put together. Will need a couple solid metal shovels, heavy rake, and a couple brush axes to clear the ingrown roots. 3" full trash pump, couple pairs of 30' hose, solid pipe handle / wand, metal screened pump tip (or pipe rake style), and a couple floats for some neutral buoyancy.

    I've watched a lot of the gold dredging videos, most seem to use a power siphon with their dredges. It will probably degrade the efficiency but make the impeller last longer.

    The bottom isn't really compacted since its mostly build up from erosion. I think leaves clogging the filter tip will be the major pain in the ass. Under all the erosion is red clay so that would get difficult if we wanted to go deeper than what we started with.

    The power arm dredge in the video is past the budget. Would be cool to own that tho. This dredging will be about 8 years after the canal was hand dug. Hopefully with the sediment piped away it will give 10 years plus before it has to be done again. So no sense in overspending on the project. The tools can be used for other projects and I'm sure the pump will occasionally get some use but not that much.

    The dredge in the picture is an air dredge. Pretty simple to make, pump high pressure air pumped down into the wand. The air forces the water up causing the suction. Works good for deep water but isn't effective in shallow water.

    Awesome of you to offer transport. I might see about taking you up on your offer especially if you can get 20% off a pump. January would put it on a workable schedule.

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    Sounds like you have it figured out.

    I might get 25%, depends on the coupon situation.
    I have a mess of 20% coupons, they from time to time,, major holidays,, offer 25%.

    I think the gold dredges use some of the pump's power to dislodge the bottom covering before pumping up the coarse sand.
    I think that, since it's shallow enough to wade in, the beach rakes would work best to loosen the bottom.
    Then,, like you say, hack away at any new growth with an axe
    The impellers made of cast iron probably last a long time.

    I suspect that it's the seals that degrade.
    That was my experience in Mexico
    It's sounding like your stuff will be pretty soft, more jungle rot that will be broken up by the pump.

    If you used a metal pipe for your wand you could weld some form of rake to it, pull it along the bottom.
    That would help keep the wand flat and in position.

    The beach rake could be manufactured locally. Plenty of this kind of skill in Nicaragua.
    MAYBE pull as much of the muck out manually first? I could bring down some conventional pitch forks as well, I use those a lot.

    I use a lot of the harbor freight tools. With the fiberglass shafts they go on forever.
    Unfortunately, because it IS a superior product the shovels tend to grow legs and walk.

    The beauty of driving is,, there is always some room for stuff like this, and NONE of the customs people consider them to have any value.
    They are always looking for " electro domesticos ".

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    Hopefully getting close to figuring it out. Adding a rake and a pitchfork into the the tool set would be good. Had to have solid metal tools made when the canal was dug since everything else kept breaking.

    I've looked on Harbor Freight but they aren't showing any 3" full-trash pumps. Just a semi-trash.

    Northern Tool has a 3" full-trash. They actually have a few but the price goes up quickly.

    Comparing stats the engines are pretty close but you lose flow rates with the full-trash. That makes sense since the impeller is designed to let larger solids pass which would probably decrease the flow efficiency. Even with a full-trash or semi-trash pump I'd still want a smaller diameter filter screen on the dredge tip than what the allowed solid size of the pump would be.

    So if you are loosing flow efficiency to allow larger solids to pass would it be better to just go with a power siphon and a high pressure pump? Using a power siphon would negate the concern of solids damaging the impeller but I don't know how efficient they are.

    They can be made cheaply out of PVC or can get right expensive like this one.

    Wish we could drive down one day especially since the road to BLU is open now, but from Virginia it would be quite a trek.

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    I think that anything you do is going to work,, after a fashion.
    Some screen on the intake is a good idea to keep from stopping and unclogging everything.
    Easier to pull something off the screen than dig it out of the hoses.

    If you rake first and/or scrape it with a pitch fork, and fork out the vegetation,, you should get most of the big stuff before the pump comes into play.
    Obviously, a lot will be too small for the fork or rake to remove,, the pump will hopefully pick up that mud and sand down to your clay bottom.

    But, it sounds like the solid mud might need some help, and blasting it with high pressure water would do it.

    It's easy to let things get out of hand,, design wise. It's a problem I have, cutting bait endlessly.

    Is there now a good road to BlueFields?
    That would be very convenient.
    I hear varying reports.

    I'm bringing down my Ford F150 one more time (at least).
    I still have so much stuff to haul.

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    Road to BLU is good. Have friends with a Jeep that will head to Managua once or twice a month. Supposed to be a beautiful drive. I want to do it before it gets to civilized and littered.

    Been doing some pricing and figuring. I might take you up on your offer and PM you about hauling some dredging stuff. If we shipped with our normal person it would go out of Florida and probably arrive in January.

    I greatly appreciate the advice and will get back with you after everything is figured up.

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    Well, I can bring the stuff down,, no problem.
    And we were planning to spend some serious time on the Right Side this trip.
    Get to know everyone. It's been too long.

    I've kind of given up on the farm in terms of animals and crops.
    I'm not going to make any money until I am there full time.
    I've had the experience and learned a lot,, I know how I want to proceed.

    I may keep the sow, she is pretty happy rooting around and likes a lot of green.
    No cows or pigs or even serious chickens until I'm living there.

    The horses and the burro are the responsibility of Krisnia,, other than a little house cleaning and taking care of Sebastian, that is all she has.
    Sebastian is getting big and independent. He's already a head taller than one of his cousins who it almost a year older than him.
    He's supposed to be out of his diapers, reading and speaking some English when I get there.
    He can can already say "Hello John. How are you?" He will be two January 8.

    I sent a special Casio keyboard down, with keys for smaller fingers.
    I'm not looking for his interpretation of the Goldberg Variations (yet), but I expect to hear something.

    Look for your stuff on Amazon,, I get free 2 day shipping.
    I get more and more of my stuff there. It's amazing what they have.

    I'll look for anyone selling gold dredging equipment within Tucson,, more for the advice as to how to proceed.
    I think I understand your canal bottom, muck and mud, then silt and sand, and finally, the clay bottom.

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    Quote Originally Posted by KeyWestPirate View Post
    I'll look for anyone selling gold dredging equipment within Tucson,, more for the advice as to how to proceed.
    I think I understand your canal bottom, muck and mud, then silt and sand, and finally, the clay bottom.
    Sounds spot on and I do appreciate it.

    If you want to spend some time in and around BLU or BIC I can give you some info. If you want to get really adventurous and head out into the jungle to spend a couple nights at the beach, just let me know when. Our farm is much more "rustic" than your farm.

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    We understand that many of the people we want to visit are not set up for visitors.

    We were going to do a combination of hotels, and are thinking of traveling with a decent sized pop up tent.
    Maybe an 8 footer
    The truck enables us to carry and lock up our stuff, but is also a liability that has to be left somewhere safe.

    With the tent we only need the ability to bathe, and, pee and poop.
    The tent will only be safe if we put it up in someone's front yard,, so to speak.

    My understanding is, I will have to make two trips to do the east coast thing right.
    One trip south to Bluefields, and one trip north to Puerto Cabezas.

    Doing some research on The Right Side I found Sons of Pirates on Kindle on Kindle Unlimited (FREE)
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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    I think two trips would be the best way to go. From what I understand you have to go more than halfway back west so you can connect from one to the other. I do hope to one day get to RAAN and spend some time there.

    Right Side Guide has lots of good info but it might be a bit out of date. Just checked the BLU hotel list and a couple new places aren't on it, including the big new fancy one with a pool and everything. Couple decent spots on Air BnB also.

    We usually stay in Caribbean Dream, cheap, clean, and secure. Also right near town center so you can walk to most everything. They have a night watchman so the truck would probably be safe out front. If not I can arrange you a cheaper suite in a nice house near the water. Private yard in a good neighborhood, not fenced in but would be easy to park the truck so as to not be bothered. If still a concern there are plenty of fenced in yards that could be arranged, or store everything in the suite. Or spend a bit of time at both.

    From either spot boating out to the farm is simple enough. With a decent outboard engine its only a 20 to 30 minute boat trip and the scenery is well worth it. You can either day trip or spend a few nights if you feel like roughing it. Don't think you would need a tent for any of it but could come in handy.

    If everything is secure enough for you I'm sure you could lock the truck up for a couple weeks and hop over to Big Corn. Easy cab to the airport and only about a 20 minute flight from BLU. Big Corn is a bit expensive but its a relaxing place to stay. We stay at Sunrise Hotel, rooms range form nice to affordable. From there easy enough to hop over to Little Corn if you have an open schedule since the boats don't run when the weather gets bad.

    If I had the time to kill and could drive to BLU I'd probably go-

    BLU- Caribbean Dream for a few nights, street parking, wander around town center, eat and shop
    BLU- Loma Fresca, stay in the suite, park truck in yard, chill for a day or two, couple close spots to dine at
    FaB- secure everything, boat out to False Bluff for a few days, read, swim, play on the beach
    BIC- boat back to BLU, cab to airport, fly to BIC, stay at Sunrise for a few days, beer at Victoria's on Sally Peachy Beach
    LIC- for a couple nights, go visit Goat Beach, then back to BIC, fly to BLU, and cab back to Loma Fresca

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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm busy filling bins for the trip.
    As soon as I'm done with that, I'll work out some plan.
    I'll tell you if I come across a 25% off coupon. I always have plenty of 20% ers,,

    Yes, from speed reading Sons of Pirates, it looks like going north by land is an adventure that is beyond me.

    I'm surprised that there isn't some transport,, an army surplus 2 1/2 Ton truck comes immediately to mind.
    Not cheap to run, but probably cheaper than a panga, and able to carry a lot more.

    I tooled around Baja California in one of these: Drove it up to Oregon to register it.
    One night coming back that pass east of Portland over the Blue mountains was snowed in,, Interstate 84 as I remember, semi's all over the road,
    I just threaded my way around them,, no chains, never a hesitation.

    Of course,, I froze to death.
    Mine didn't have a heater. It DID have a manifold heater so it would start in 50 degree below zero temps, but no cab heater.

    I paid $3100 for mine twenty years ago. It had a few thousand miles on it. Maybe 6K. Most hardly get driven at all. There are deals, if you look.
    When I was hanging around Costa Rica a few years back I found 2 at the Rio Azul resort that were being used daily to take visitors on sightseeing trips.

    There was an outfit that was rebuilding them to like new condition,, in Georgia I remember, and asking about $11K.
    With 3 driving axles there are very few places that they will not go. A GVW of 37K,, you could probably load it with more than that.

    You can drive them in water up to the floorboards (maybe higher,, but that is high as I went).

    Simple to maintain,, simple 6 cylinder diesel,, slow, 55 is top speed. Biggest problem was tires.
    Newer ones are Cummings Turbo, much better mileage and performance.
    The one I had used tubes,, thank god getting them patched in Mexico was really cheap. And the labor to take them on and off.
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    Default Re: Engine Drive Full Trash Pumps?

    I think RAAN would best be visited by airplane. Hopefully one day I'll get there. BLU is a good place to visit. Can easily hop on a boat to El Bluff or Pearl Lagoon. You could boat to BIC but plane is much easier. Anyways glad to offer info if I can.

    I was an 88M. Got to drive a few 2 1/2's and 5T's. Had my commercial military license and trained in the M915 but never drove one after. Mostly drove Humvees. We used to take they out on tank trails and have fun.

    I froze in a couple of them also. Heat hardly ever worked in the training vehicles.

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