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    Big Wave Dave's in SJDS has decided to offer another farmer's market, on Wednesday's, so I'm pulling some old ideas out of my files.
    Gonna offer hot or cold lunches to go! Seems to me there's a lot of folks working in offices (mainly real estate), and these folks' tummies need filling, too.

    Gotta please everyone, so I'm making hot meatball subs for those who like comfort food, a knock your socks off pasta salad with herbed vinaigrette for the healthier minded and vegetarians, and an Indian pulled chicken sandwich for the fancy folks. Can't offer a plain old chip, so I'm turning these ugly tubers, quequisque, into a chip like none other in town. Wish me luck for good sales, y'all!
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    One of my favorite vegetables!

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    I've never tried quequisque in chip form (just in soup). How do they compare to tajadas, tostones, or good old potato chips?
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    I assume these are sliced and deep fried?
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    I slice them very thin and fry, tastes just like a potato chip, just prettier.
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