On the morning of March 25th 2018, I took the 210 bus from Mentrocentro to Israel. I got off the 210 at Israel in order to meet up with a friend (Meylin) so that we could (ironically) wait for another 210 to take up to Ciudad Sandino. Meylin has some in-laws with a farm on the outskirts of Ciudad Sandino that she hadn't visited in a while. She invited me along, and I was happy to accept--because I figured I'd get the chance to see something new, to meet new people, and to (most likely) see some animals.

Meylin told me that the farm was in La Trinidad, but she couldn't remember how to get around in Ciudad Sandino, so her plan was to get off at the entrance and to have her uncle pick us up. I talked her into riding the bus to La Trinidad so her uncle won't have to drive as far. She texted him our plan, and he told us to go all the way to the 210 terminal (closer to Bello Amanacer).

He picked us up there and drove us out to Zona 12--a neighborhood known as "Nueva Vida."

I was amazed at all of the new housing extending out from Ciudad Sandino since I lived there back in 1997. I lived in Zona 6 (what was then called La Trinidad), and I remember that I could walk a block or two west and see nothing but fields and distant mountains. Not anymore. Zona 6 is now considered "central."

We spent the day hanging out with Meylin's in-laws. They showed up their animals. They fed us. I got to sample goat cuajada. It is SO much better than regular cuajada. They had goat cheese too. I didn't get to try it, but I assume that it's excellent (based on the cuajada).

I got my fill on animals. They have a pet parrot. They have a pet pigeon. They have several dogs. They have goats and pelibuey. They have cows. The cows have cranes. They have horses. They have pigs. They even have garrobos...seriously. The guy there has an old dry concrete "pila" which is now a garrobo pit. Oh, and there was a single turtle in there with the garrobos, because, "why not?"

The conversation and company was excellent. These people are salt of the Earth.

I was reminded of my time up on Finca Linda Flor near Condega. I miss those guys (Javier and Jayro). The rural life in Nicaragua is where the action is.