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Thread: Corn Island go-karts?

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    Default Corn Island go-karts?

    My wife's cousin, whose family lives outside Managua, went to Corn Island for Semana Santa (I assume it was for the week, I heard all this third hand). She was riding in a go kart on a dirt track, or some similar motorized recreational contraption, and accidentally spilled out and got some serious road rash on her thigh. I assume she was dressed in beach wear, since jeans would surely protect the skin adequately.

    Anyway, it was pretty bad road rash, and the locals advised her to soak her butt in sea water.

    You would think a 40-something mother of three would know better.

    But she did it anyway.

    And it hurt like HELL, and got infected, of course. So when she was back home she went to Hospital Vivian Pellas and got it treated.

    Moral of the story, wear jeans when riding go-karts, use the seat belt, and don't listen to the local witch doctors!

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    Default Re: Corn Island go-karts?

    There is a world class go cart track in Managua on the Malecon.
    The Malecon has really changed,, when I first got here it was a smelly swamp.

    The steady breeze off the lake keeps it enjoyable on the hottest day (or evening).
    Big plaza where kids drive battery powered cars around.

    Definitely worth a visit if you haven't been there for a while.

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