Nicaragua Daily update ⋅ May 30, 2018
Nicaragua using 'shoot to kill' strategy on protesters, Amnesty International says CNN
(CNN) Nicaragua has instituted a "shoot to kill" policy in dealing with protests that has resulted in an "alarming number of deaths," according to an ...

Protesters, students seize university in demonstration against Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega - CBS News
Nicaragua: Deadly crackdown on protests fuels further unrest -
Nicaragua protests erode pillars of support for Ortega - WHTC
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No summer Nicaragua trip for Mission of Hope Plattsburgh Press Republican
PERU — North Country Mission of Hope has canceled its upcoming trips to Nicaragua in the face of increasing violence and unrest there.

Violence returns to anti-government protests in Nicaragua Lynchburg News and Advance
Police in riot gear riding on the back of pick-up trucks charge towards demonstrators taking part in a protest against Nicaragua's President Daniel ...

Nicaraguan Designer Withdraws From Miami Fashion Week Amid Criticism Over President Ortega ... NBC 6 South Florida
Nicaraguan designer Shantall Lacayo said she will no longer participate in Miami Fashion Week following criticism over her relationship with the ...

Indigenous Mental Health and the Psychological Political Warfare of the Nicaraguan State Intercontinental Cry
IC has been reporting for almost exactly two years now on the escalating state-sponsored violence in Nicaragua, while many otherwise informed ...

Masaya, Nicaragua a Tourist Hub Now in Rubble Havana Times
After April 19th, Nicaragua is “another” country. Even the island of Ometepe, “the oasis of peace”, isn't peaceful anymore. Families live in anxiety, ...

Nicaragua: Authorities unleashed a 'vicious' repression against benefits cuts protesters Amnesty International UK
New report details government 'cover up' of the state's heavy-handed and highly-coordinated response to protests. “The Nicaraguan authorities have ...

Violent Groups Loot and Burn Property in Masaya, Nicaragua Prensa Latina
Violent Groups Loot and Burn Property in Masaya, Nicaragua ... (west), after a day of aggressions and confrontations in the Nicaraguan capital.

Anti-government protests continue to shake up Nicaragua Washington Post
Anti-government protests continue to shake up Nicaragua ... President Daniel Ortega that began in April continue in the Nicaraguan capital Managua.

The photos that explain Nicaragua's crisis ZlotoNews
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