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    Earlier this week a good friend up in Port passed on. Gaston the Pig Man, brother to JPJW, a long time friend of mine and many others. Lot of stories on here you can search.

    Gaston was born a Corn Island Boy but defected to RAAN. He is one of the most Legendary Coconut Men in the History of the Island. Never is there a conversation about pulling and husking coconut when he is not mentioned, he and his crew were a well oiled machine.

    I had some good days at the Pig Stand in Port, sipping from metal tumblers, watching and commenting on the passing pretties, and just enjoying being around the Legend.
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    RIP Gaston.
    Probably just got tired of all the recent BS.

    I remember your stories, not so many recently.

    Have to check out the TRN search engine.

    What is Farmer John up to these days?

    Looking for Gaston stories, I stumbled across . . .
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    Condolences on the loss of your friend. I know every year when I go back to visit the US I cringe a little about who might have died.

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    No! I met Gaston, great man!

    JW is making trouble on Facebook these days. Where from, I don’t know.

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    Condolences - I was asking JW how Gaston was a few months back, at that time he said he was well. Sorry I never got to meet Gaston, sounds like a fantastic legacy.
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