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    So interesting conversation over lunch - And while it is not Nica specific, it is Carribean / Cuba centric with some interesting tidbits.

    So Hot Dog cart fellow - Stopped to pick up one over lunch. He has been at the same corner of Frobisher and Davenport since the mid 90's. (22 years he proclaims)

    He has a Serbian / Balkins accent. He has not been running the stand the entire time he has a license, He had at one time a lady in her early 20's set up to run the stand. All done up in goth makeup and piercings and grunts of acknowledgment to order requests. She was endeared with the term "Sausage Nazi" as it was in the time span of Sienfields famous soup vendor.

    Today as I waited for the Polish to cook up I asked him how much longer before he shuts down and goes down south. I was thinking it was Halloween, but he replied Dec 1. He works to the last day of November and is back for Apr 1 up here - About 120 days. Where does he go? Cuba . Cuba has an agreement with (only) Canada where Canadians can stay up to 180 days a year. The stamp is for 90, but a renewal is painless and no fee. He said he has been doing this for over 10 years. He spends the entire winter living (close too) the northern shore, eating local food. His 1998 Hyundai Sonata (Al Bondo'ed up and painted in Canadain tire red spray can) sitting as a testament to his frugality.

    He says he can't stand the F*cking ice and snow and freezing temperatures :-) ... I mention Niclandia. He says he has heard about troubles there. I say yes. He says "Bad"?. I say "not bad bad" but I certainly not be recommending Nica land over (relatively stable) Cuba.

    We talk a bit over the nuances of winter, work and making a buck.

    As the polish finishes up and I load it with hot peppers, sauerkraut, dill and mustard and we exchange thanx and see ya's until the next time.
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    Default Re: Hot Dog Cart

    Snowbirding it has its charms. Have a Nica friend who is a beekeeper in Canada for 6 months and comes back to Nic. for the other six. We thought of going to Miami and snowbirding it, my wife could work in a hotel or something during the tourist season and return to Nic. for the rest but neither one of us liked the weather in Miami and unless you have relatives living with you here a house is a liability when you leave. And with the new airline rates travel isn't as fun as it was.

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    Never mind.
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