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Thread: The social media war

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    Default The social media war

    So I have been following the FSLN pitty full attempt at social media since the beginning of the uprising and it is tanking as bad as the rhetoric.

    So I have been using the below data points

    Canal 6, Canal 4, Canal 13 and Canal 2 along with some BBB presenters from Canal 6 (Big Busted Bimbos)

    First data point is the battle of the fat men at 8 AM - The fellow on 100% and his left of center associate on Canal 6 - Both gents are well over 300lbs but the Canal 6 fellow can barely get over his weight in viewers within 5 min - While the 100% fellow has over 300 viewers out of the gate and hits 3 to 4 thousand before the 5 min mark.

    Second data point in Canal 10, 100% Noticia and Laprensa tweets - Almost everyone gets hundreds or thousands within minutes - A random click of some of the retweeters appear (on first glance ) to be real accounts and not bots - While on the flip side the canal 6, Canal 4 and Canal 2 seem to maybe get retweets in the 300 to 500 range. they do seem to be real accounts as well.

    Lastly the BBB - I follow them for Umm errr ah.. research yea, that's the ticket research. It appears that even the male JS retweet numbers are falling as one today (M Zapata) retweeted herself as an FSLN beauty vs a blue and white movement "hag". (Her words) She got all of 36 retweets, with her numbers before Apr 19 being in the thousands - After Apr 19 dropping precipitously.

    Now there are data factors that affect those numbers - Like how many watc the fat men on TV, how many tweets how many are fearful that a bad retweet can plant them in El Chapote as well, even like share buying... But is quite stark and on the surface, I would say the Blue and white are winning the online discourse by a country mile if not more.
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    Default Re: The social media war

    Where Chamuca went wrong is she didn't follow the gringo leftist model. Just call the opposition racist and all dialog is shut down. Doesn't matter that she's the same race as most of the opposition, facts are irrelevant in 2018.

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    Default Re: The social media war

    you right. maybe she should go to CR for training to learn how to call everybody zenophobes.
    Or she can pull a hildabeast and say she is losing share because the opposition hates women.

    funny how some opposition people take pride in being called vandalicos, like 'Murricans who identify with "deplorables".

    "Support mental health or I'll break your head"

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