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Thread: A Serious Question....

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    Default A Serious Question....

    How for 10 years anytime I needed the Police I had to take fuel or hire them a cab.

    Now they drive around all day long, in multiple vehicles.

    So now all is "Normal"? What was the last decade??
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    Default Re: A Serious Question....

    You already know the answer.

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    Default Re: A Serious Question....

    It's the new normal, not the old normal. Old normal 3 police investigating a car wreck--one did all the work and the other 2 stood by the side of the road chatting or staring at their cell phones. Now all 3 are spaced wide so they can see each other and the passers by. No mo' cop on the beat, they go in groups. Maybe they have a persecution complex or something.
    Old tranque site is now a used car lot, with police protection.

    It makes one wonder about peeple on other sites who keep saying we are back to normal. Most are straight out of Prensa Latina.

    Good news, Ferromax just opened their 3rd store in town at the northern salida. They are going to be getting a machine to cut perlines to size in addition to the one that cut zin roofing. Salvadoran capital, they can probably weather the storm. Texaco and Tip Top have removed the plywood from their windows.

    Heads up on Ferromax--their house brand welding rod does not work for the galvanized tubing they sell. I had to go elsewhere and get skinny green Lincoln. There was actually a line at the hardware store, first one I have seen in 4 months! It only lasted for about 3-4 minutes, but noticeable. We are building a short tower for a 200 gallon tank to catch rainwater for the garden.

    uS Consulate getting back in gear, but still no staff to process and deny a million visa aps.

    "Support mental health or I'll break your head"

    ...with a 6 foot stick and mask and gloves....

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