So we whipped up batch #3 on Nacatamal this weekend at the park. 39

We used 3 pork roasts (Boston Butt, bone in) @ $15 total. One bag of Masaca at $5. Two rolls of foil at $3 . Red pepper at a buck. two onions for probably less than a quarter- Tomatoes 3 (the Jamaicans working for my dad gave us a bushel) and 5 potatoes and 3 cups of rice. The hot peppers we had left over from the last batch.

I have a video on the phone I might Youtube when we get back to the house.

Chilo and I are kinda rediscovering Dona Rosa's receipe as none were made in our family from 2004 until now. Dona Rosa made them regularly while she was with us. Chilo never actually made Nacatamal from beginning to end and only did bits and pieces. So it is just as much as rediscovering the process as it is making them to any recipe. First batch was not enough renderings in the Masa, the second did not have enough heat - This one I think we hit close to the mark. The Masa was the right consistency and the heat was almost there.

We will freeze the 35 left and that should last to Nov. So we will probably make another batch end of September to keep us stocked through Christmas

Interesting conversation while we were making these. So apparently the FSLN commissioned Dona Rosa to make 3,000 Nacatamal in the early 80's (81 or 82 as Chilo's Dad , Don Banardo was still alive - He died in 83) At the time the entire portion of the 11 who liked to work (you can figure what that means) helped - And they got paid by the FSLN as well - Apparently was a fair profit as well . Of course, all of this was before Oscar and Daniel deserted the arm and everything flipped 180 deg