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Thread: Anniversary

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeyWestPirate View Post
    I spent a couple of days at Las Peñitas this week, rented two rooms at Las Palmeras.
    We were at Rancho del Mar Wednesday, enjoying cocktails while my boy swam in the pool with his uncle and a gaggle of kids. The place was full. Yes, the crowd’s 95% Nica now (few pale-faces). We filled our bellies earlier at Chepe’s in Poneloya - excellent fresh fish & shrimp, and fine Nica suds - $44 for 5½ dinners. The upper deck of that thatched-roofed restaurant was full, so we sat on the mid-level balcony overlooking the crowd swimming in the estero in the clear waters of high tide. From there a boat took two foreign couples over to the Surfing Turtle lodge where it was impossible to get a bed without a reservation last Xmas-NewYear but now, like many Nica hostels/hotels, go mostly empty or have closed. Restaurants get full, most any night, but it’s an all-Nicaraguan scene - and they’re doing a damned good job of faking being happy. We saw the same in Managua at the MetroCentro mall - restaurants & food court packed to overflowing with people who don’t seem to realize the end-of-the-world is near. We have always rented (& I always a tourist, i.e. a ‘guest’) here so we fold in well with the why-worry crowd.

    This time around we returned to the real Nicaragua, jodido, in early Nov. We did a little touring. Sadly Granada is nearly dead - only O’Shea’s Irish Pub is keeping La Calzada alive. I blame Granada's near demise on the lack of Ticos (scaredy bureaucrats). Matagalpa, Boaco and Juigalpa are doing well, even thriving in curious ways, and the green mountains are as spectacular as ever. One sees construction everywhere - buildings & highways. Life goes on. Ditto 'having fun'.

    Quote Originally Posted by KeyWestPirate View Post
    at Las Peñitas this week, rented two rooms at Las Palmeras.
    Is that the place that's up for sale on Craig's list?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KeyWestPirate View Post
    Medicare has been excellent for Shelley and me. I pay nothing for a Humana Advantage plan. There are some small co-pays, but it's all very affordable.

    Install solar, as in becoming self-sufficient? If I had erratic power, I would invest in a battery bank I kept charged from the grid, and a nice 4kw inverter.
    LiFePO4 will be for us - I _MAY_ send a couple panels (100W $170CDN) and a couple batteries down in the Fall 2019 shipment. LiFePO4's can be charged by Lead acid based charge panel and can be discharged almost 90% (rather than the 20% for Lead-acid)

    More than likely I will buy and run it up here for a year and send down in 2020 - That way I can learn the quirks and it will appear "used" as it ships.

    Canadians just need to maintain residency in (their) province for more than 6 months to maintain full coverage. Not _really enforced though. Although one fellow (Freddy from Chinandega) managed to game the system and get full OHIP maintaining his (owww, owww, my back, my back) workman's compensation for almost 15 years now. Bouncing from Kitchener, to Miami to Chinandega.
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    A Canadian friend says when he checked out of Revenue Canada he was free of income tax and could get back on medical the day he got back and declared residency. Must be nice. He has no intention of going back and floats around the world with a 10k deductible health policy.

    As far as solar, I had the same idea, batteries with one small panel and a charger to top it off. As it stands, our UPS will run the router about 1/2 hour and we have a ton of lights with rechargeable batteries but I want a bigger emergency system.

    We are getting our medical kit together as there seem to be a lot of shortages. I had to go to 4 major pharmacies to get some aspirin and some prescription drugs are iffy.

    I believe in freedom of the press, etc, etc.. but sure is nice that those manipulative AHs at cien por cien and their mind control muzak are off the air. I think they violated my human rights.

    Also, seems Banpro had a falling out with the govmint supposedly due to the McRusky Act. Something like the people with signatory people were on the bad boy list. Guaca time? Seems the employees will be paid in cash just like in the ole days. Does that mean we don't have to stand in line for 90 minutes to get a voucher for every little thing?

    Peeple are buying food, before the hollerdays people were lined up out the door at La Colonia. Not buying much else. Banks aren't loaning, go figure--they don't have any money to loan.

    Neighbors are circling the wagons and keeping an eye out for criminals. Police do not respond to "tonterias" like armed assault. Guy who occasionally works for us was lastimado in a robbery attempt at the empalme al Rosario in front of the new Ferromax. The whole road from the iron bridge to the Panam and northward are a no-go zone at night if you are a Nica on foot or bici.

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    Batteries. . .
    A friend refreshed his battery situation with gel cells from China. Not sure what he paid, but I could put you in touch. He's built up a small import export business,, mostly pumps, generators, and those new inverter welders.

    The batteries are not designed for true deep cycle service, they are more the type you find in cell towers, 2V cells,, and in earlier land line telephone offices to keep that dial tone up when the power went out.

    Gel cells are not as forgiving as flooded LA, but they are also a lot less work. In the designed service, they have a 20+ year life.

    Brad brought down a lithium battery from a junked Tesla,, but he wasn't here long enough to do anything with it. It's nice to have someone else inventing the wheel. We're starting to see lithium golf carts, but the price point isn't there yet.

    I got 6 years out of my original 16 golf cart batteries, and of those, 4 are keeping the lights on in RobleDal at the moment.
    2 x 2 are in little emergency light plants at employee homes,, 2 more start my big generator, one failed, and 5 more are on trickle charge waiting for a home.

    I plan on taking better care of the new 16.

    I have 18 x 270 watt panels on the bodega roof. We do energy intensive things like the washer and dryer, bake bread, after 10AM,, but I wouldn't have to.

    I constantly research wind, a small wind generator , but for the price I could get 20 x 300 watt panels from my dent and scratch guy in Gilbert, AZ (inventory varies, he had some slightly smoked panels from California last time I checked).

    Solar is so problem free, a small wind turbine will always want attention. And, then there's the tower.

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