I sent a document to the US DHL for 86 bucks. Tracking flaky, when I went back to DHL they said it was held in mga customs too long so they had to issue it a new tracking number. Sorry, we forgot to inform you. Still, it arrived in 3 days to small town in Cal. I suspect about 20 bucks in this fee is to keep the Esteli office open.

Sent another letter Correos de Nic. express mail from main post office in mga (near Sal. Allende) for 26 bucks. Arrived fine in about 10 days. C de N website wouldn't open, but a search found another that tracked it from the time it hit US customs. Then a couple weeks later I got real brave and sent one from the local post office and it, too, arrived in about 10 days.

All this success. I'm scared.