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Thread: Jan 2019 - Connection a go go

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    Default Jan 2019 - Connection a go go

    So booking has been made again for Jan 2019

    There was a good connection Toronto to Belize to San Salvador to Managua - Yea a lot of jumps but on points, it was only 80,000 for two (from the 165,000 we currently have) but it turned into a pumpkin as soon as I tried to book it.

    So we ended up going Toronto to Chicago to Panama to Managua. Leave at 5PM on the 9th and end up in Managua at 10:30 AM on the 10th. THe flight to Panama ileaves at 12:30 and arives at 6:45 so there should be some good ZZZZzzzzz time.

    The way back in Managua Miami and then Miami to Toronto on the 29th.

    It was $377 Canadian (about $300 US total) for both tickets.

    On whole the offerings of flights on points were vast but all were long - The 8 hour or 9-hour trips are gone - Even if you pay full price. Mast are 10 hours and up to 32 hours.

    On full price flights, there was nothing below $617 CDN and most over 700.
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    Default Re: Jan 2019 - Connection a go go

    That is a lot of flying for $300...nice catch.
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