I'm still trying to get a handle of Nicaragua coffee pricing.

Like much else in Nicaragua,, it depends on numerous variables.

If you live back in the boonies, you've dependent on a guy in a 4wd Toyota HiLux to buy you coffee. He probably loaned you the money you needed last May, so he has you coming and going. It's either him, or load the sacks on a horse or mule, then on a bus, and negotiate with an acopio.

If you are a bigger producer, your nut to the bank is your biggest concern.

World coffee price hovers around a buck, but CA coffee and Columbian (does anyone know the name of Juan Valdez' burro?) --does much better.

The campo guy is happy to get anything. He doesn't invest much, and this has been a good year. The big producer,, he supposedly needs $ 135 to break even. Next year will be tougher: the banks will not be loaning money.

Cutting coffee puts Christmas money in the campo pocket. Men, women and kids work. The women then return home and cook and maybe get a load of wash in. The men get drunk.

Meat: Several of Nicaragua's markets have closed. Probably the most important was Venezuela. The US takes quite a bit, but with the competition from Argentina,, Nicaragua is going to take a hit. Argentina was excluded from the US beef market, but that changed recently. It's better beef, and it's fifty cents a pound cheaper.

How the Nica act rolls out is anyone's guess at this point.
Trump really needs a win. The Nica act passed the house 435 - 0,, so this is one he could roll on.

At some point Nicaragua will run out of dollars. The history of Venezuela is relevant here.

What's more important is,, it's great to see DADDY-YO back. Nicaragua will suffer and endure,, as always.
And sobrevivir,, in its fashion.
But it would be a poorer country without Daddy-Yo's precision and intellect.