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Thread: Gallo Pinto Economy

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    Default Gallo Pinto Economy

    Sounds like Cuba, but without the European and Canadian tourists flying in dollars.

    Have to see how this plays out,, I just can't see Danny and Rosy firing anyone. Too easy to print Cordobas. They've done it before,,, twice, in recent history.

    Cubans without family in the US tend to be slender. Quite a few Nicas could lose a few pounds (I could lose a few pounds).

    I'm NOT a big gallo pinto fan, but I assume La Colonia will still be open , and even less crowded. The rich Sandis have to spend their I'll gotten gains somewhere.

    Sinsa was less crowded before Christmas, a pleasant shopping experience. I missed out on a killer lawnmower deal by one day.

    So,, the Gallo Pinto Economy might not be all that bad. As long as you are not the one eating Gallo Pinto 3X daily.

    PALI had pork loin from the US,, right before Christmas,, a freezer full of it. You picked up your meat from the freezer, which was almost to checkout, and fought your way back to the meat counter at the back of the store to have it weighed and priced, and then back to checkout. Nothing is easy in Nicaragua.

    Then I have to fire up the old bandsaw and cut it into usable pieces.

    Not complaining , mind you.
    Life is good on the farm.

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    Default Re: Gallo Pinto Economy

    Dude !!!.... Its a Canal !!! Can you Dig it ??

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    Default Re: Gallo Pinto Economy

    That States Pork Loin been around for years here, was getting it in Bluefields, best bargain on meat you will find.
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    Default Re: Gallo Pinto Economy

    Lately my wife has been buying meat for parties at the free-standing "export" butcher shops instead of the supers. Quality and price are better, just one more stop and parking hassle. Veggies in the supers have been of iffy quality this year, hit hard by politics and the drought we had mid-season. We also had a nasty pitaya plague, an insect that killed the flowers so they could not fruit.

    Overall, if the Peeple want to enjoy the blessings of socialism they are going to just have to tighten the belt, be happy with what they have, and build more prisons. Don't worry. be happy!

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