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Thread: Google News, January 7, 2019

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    Default Google News, January 7, 2019

    Nicaragua Daily update ⋅ January 7, 2019
    Social Networks Were Key for GIEI Report on Nicaragua Nicaragua News (blog)
    Franco Valdivia Machado stretched his hand in front of a cell phone camera to show the shells found in the vicinity of Esteli's central park. It was April ...

    Is It Wrong to Look Back? Nicaragua News (blog)
    Francisco Larios, Confidencial – This morning I reread a story that shows how the current tragedy in Nicaragua has been brewing for many years.

    Nicaragua Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution with Music Prensa Latina
    According to the program, pieces by several authors, genres and styles will be performed, with special emphasis on Cuban and Nicaraguan music, ...

    Music and migration: The struggles of Ceshia Ubau The Tico Times
    Since Ceshia Ubau began her musical career in Nicaragua, she knew one day she would leave the country. She'd take advantage of the first ...

    Foreign Minister Ratifies Cuba's Solidarity with Nicaraguan Gov't Prensa Latina
    Havana, Jan 6 (Prensa Latina) Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Sunday reaffirmed Cuba''s support for the Nicaraguan Government led by ...

    Ortega's Nicaraguan Police Train for a Civil War Havana Times
    HAVANA TIMES – The Nicaraguan Police continue to be trained in military tactics for a possible civil war, after over eight months of crisis caused by ...

    On Our Way to Defeating Rotavirus Diarrhea Borgen Project
    Nicaragua's second largest city, Leon, has been using municipal water treatment plants since the 1990s, but diarrhea remains the most significant ...

    Puerto Rico beats T&T to Pan Am vball spot Trinidad Guardian (press release)
    T&T's Channon Thompson, right, connects with a spike over the attempted blocks of Nicaraguans, Dalia Conto (#8) and Josafat Diaz (#13) in their ...

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    Default Re: Google News, January 7, 2019

    This piece came up over the holidays and the more you read it over the more is seems plausible (at least to me) that it was the CPC that went off the edge, not necessarily DOS and Morillo (While they are most definitely accommodating and complicit for sure)

    This kinda makes one wonder who "is really" in charge.

    La Prensa Dec 28 on CPC
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    Default Re: Google News, January 7, 2019

    It makes sense. The CPC are the true stakeholders in the Sandinista government. Setup in 2008 under Cuban direction, Murillo oversaw much of their strong grass-roots growth. The overreaction to announced gov’t measures to rein in INSS finances was viewed as a foreign-power-directed coup d’etat, esp. In light of the near simultaneous appearance of hundreds of ‘tranques’ nationwide paralyzing commerce.
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    Default Re: Google News, January 7, 2019

    Class warfare plain and simple. If there is one thing the FSLN is very good at, it is stoking fires of class warfare. For 10 years they fed the monster on one side, and plied them with rhetoric all while keeping them in check as long as the Bourgeois played nice and abided by the current rules, and lots of lower class FSLN became the Bourgeois, but they never forgot where their bread was buttered.

    Have society bow up to them? Well........then meet the downtrodden folks that can be bought with 200 cords. And there you are.

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