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Thread: The Residency: Feb 5, 2019

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    Default The Residency: Feb 5, 2019

    After 10 years I decided it was time. I got my paperwork ready,, it was easier than I thought. The Apostiles only cost me $5 each. Iowa, and Arizona.

    I went to an upscale lab in Esteli for urine, poop, and blood. The next day I got a call: "you failed the poop test".
    I came up with what I thought was a clever solution to transfer the poop from Point A to the small specimen jar, but it turns out that TP contaminates the sample.
    So, I did it again, got a positive report:

    Color: Cafe
    Consistencia: Blanda
    Alor: Tufosa
    Sabor: Chocolate

    I may have taken some poetic license with the last two.

    Armed with my results I found my way to the Centro de Salud and got my health certificado. A lawyer whom I had used before for a small matter agreed to do all the notary work on the translations, and provide what needed to go on escritura publica ( that blue lined paper you buy for legal filings).

    I took the originals, and the working translations to Intur. A helpful young woman gave everything the once over, pronounced us on the right track, sent us over to migración to buy the application form, and provided her phone number for the lawyer in case there were questions.

    I then proceeded to Pricesmart and that big Sinsa in Esquipulas. The most important part of the residency process. I have plenty of Charmin,, but bought another
    36 roll pack just in case the economy tanks while I'm stuck here.

    The lawyer is charging me C$2600 for everything.
    A lot of notary work. I'm paying Arielka $350 to do all the running, the translations. She has really been responsive.
    We are meeting back in Managua next Thurs on my way back from CR. The migración form was 50 cordobas.

    A jubilado package is submitted to Intur, which I'll do next Thurs. They pass on it,, and supposedly,, this avoids problems and interaction with migración.

    The Intur woman told me to be patient,, "this could take up to a year" We'll see.
    I'll update the post as the process advances.

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    Default Re: The Residency: Feb 5, 2019

    Residency requires that you give a shit? Are you sure they weren't trolling you? And they say US residency laws are bad...

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    Default Re: The Residency: Feb 5, 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonh View Post
    Residency requires that you give a shit? Are you sure they weren't trolling you? And they say US residency laws are bad...
    Wait a minute,, I have to give a shit?
    That's not in the application.

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    So,, I turned in the residency package, today, the 14th of Feb. We got a different woman this time,, older, she combed through the paperwork and finally pronounced it suitable.

    She pointed out that my police report expired tomorrow. It only has a 3 month life. I thought it was 6 months.

    So she said,, "I'll process it today."

    We got long well, my Spanish served me.
    We filled out the actual immigration form in front of her from worksheets we had filled out previously.

    Arielka and I were the only clients in the INTUR office, so this is a good time to initiate the process.

    Moving on,, they will provide me a "pass" so I don't have to leave the country while my application is being processed.

    There is no cost, but I have to present myself to migración every 30 days with my paper scrap. Like the certificado del salud, it's printed on that light brown foolscap that teachers used to hand out in grade school.

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    Today, Feb 20, I got an email from INTUR saying my residency paperwork was approved, and I could stop by and pick up my "colilla". I had to look the word up, it translates as "stub" .

    It's a 3 x 5 piece of foolscap that allows me to stay in the country until a final decision is made. I don't pay anything, but have to check in with migración every thirty days.
    Basically,, they will now check my references and schedule me for an interview.

    The timeline here is vague,, the INTUR lady cautioned me to be patient,, "it could take up to a year".

    I credit the young lady who helped me, and an honest lawyer who completed the paperwork precisely to INTURs specifications. Both spent quite a bit of time on the phone with our INTUR contact

    I basically did nothing.

    The lawyer charged twice her estimate,, but it WAS a lot of work, and like Tom's well digger, she earned it.

    Arielka speaks excellent English, and is persistent to a fault. She made two trips to Managua, one to get the latest skinny and develop a contact we could call,, and a second to present the package.

    I'm going to stop by on Friday to pick up my colilla, give the ladies some PriceSmart donuts. Sucking up never hurts in Nicaragua,, although I think the process is out of their hands. I'm now at the mercy of migración.

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    Default Re: The Residency: Feb 5, 2019

    Guard your colilla well, but remember it is only good in Nic. You are not welcome in c4 with it. Before you head north you will probably have to do a CR run to reset your c4 clock.

    "Support mental health or I'll break your head"

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    Default Re: The Residency: Feb 5, 2019

    I was just in CR,, so I'm good until May. The problem for me is the truck,, 60 days max total with the 30 day extension.
    As soon as I get the residency in hand I''m going to import it. I want to use the exoneration for something more suitable for Nicaragua.
    Navigating that Ford F-150 through the streets of Esteli can be stressful. A Toyota Yaris,, maybe. In another year,,, an electric option might be available. The Prius is falling in price,, this is supposedly the last production year. The newer ones are quite nice.

    I kept my trip permit and insurance open in CR with the idea of making another run south when the 60 days are up.
    Like Guatemala, you can either close it, or keep it open.

    Mexico gives you 6 months,, again you can keep it open for the return leg, but if you don't make it back in the 6 months, you lose your deposit, in my case $400. They do make you close out your tourist permit, I've asked a couple of times if I could leave it open. No big deal,, but it IS $25 now if you spend more than 7 days. Supposedly,, to get a free entry you also have to enter and exit at the same point.

    We have NOT been going through El Salvador,, skipping it by going north through Copan. It saves a day,, the border crossings being the time sucker. It's a more challenging drive,, especially the Guate City piece . . . We're going to try dropping south from Guate City on the toll road to Esquintla, then following CA2 to whichever border crossing we decide on,, probably El Carmen / Talisman.

    We entered further north this time,,, coming from San Cristobal de las Casas,, but driving around the Mexican and Guatemalan highlands with a heavily loaded truck gets old fast. I believe Mesilla was our crossing point into Guatemala.

    Google Maps is a lifesaver here,, lowers the stress level immensely.

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    Default Re: The Residency: Feb 5, 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonh View Post
    Residency requires that you give a shit? Are you sure they weren't trolling you? And they say US residency laws are bad...
    i did not have to. but that was back in 05. i finally turned it in a couple of years after we moved back. they always wanted to charge me at the airport in managua.
    my little girl

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