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    When I visited Nicaragua for a month about 7 years ago with my friend Tim and his cousin Shawn I discovered something about Nicaragua children.

    In the central park in Leon by the cathedral one night Tim pulled out a lazer pointer and cast his small red dot into the midst of a group of children playing in the park.

    At first they were startled by the appearnace of this strange spastic point of red and ran away from it like startled rabbits. Many of them started looking around as if to located their parents for safety.

    After a bit some of the bolder children started trying to capture this strange phenomenon. Every time they tried to crouth over and grab it Tim would move it away. In short order the entire group of children were trying to cature the light, moving like a flock of birds.

    Tim entertained himself for over half an hour that evening with the kids in the park in Leon, and none of them ever figured out the source of the light, or managed to catch it.

    Because of this experience I purchase a small flashlight that can be worn of a belt that also has a powerfull laser pointer built into it for my trip to Nicaragua.

    Since I have been down here I have used it to ensure that I never have to endure boredom. Countless neighborhood children are mystified by the erratic appearance of a bright red firefly. However, whenever it does appear they try their hardest to capture this rarest of insects.

    I can´t do justice in the written word to just how entertaining this is.

    In my 2nd story apartment I have tons of small clear colored lizards that the locals call perro-zampopos. They supposedly eat mosquitos and other insects and spiders. They also chirp fairly loudly every now and again.

    Last night I was laying in bed tring to fall asleep watching a perro-zampopo on the far wall of my bedroom. I wasn´t quite tired enough to fall asleep yet so I grabbed by flashlight and fired up my firefly.

    The lizard responded to the light better than I had hoped. It chased that it with a fervor that surprised me as usually the little buggers just sat still on a wall or ceiling; it turns out they are lightning quick when they want to be.

    Still, I quickly adjusted to its reaction time and was able to keep the light teasingly close, but out of reach. As I got better at it, I starting placing the light on the lizard´s tail. It chased its tail and spun like a top.

    I probably kept this up for a half an hour before I started laughing so hard I had to stop. I definately need to take this act on the road. Everyone has these lizards and I think that they´d all get a kick out of messing with them.

    I´m also interested to see what´d happen if the firefly appears in a group of them. . .

    Anyway, for those of you considering living down here long term, I strongly recommend investing in a laser pointer. It´ll pay for itself may times over, I guarantee it.

    Soy el chele mono.

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    I recall many happy moments with our dog, when he was a puppy, and doing this with an ordinary flashlight!

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    Something similar... having a digital can make you the life of the party as well.... Hahaha what simple things turn out to be a Gass...
    To be called a "Has Been" I must surmise, is much Greater than to be called a "Nevah Been"... JW...


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