Water which is one of the basic necessity of human survival has become on the major problems in human life at recent times. The industrial wastes and other wastes being discarded in the sea and oceans has made it difficult for humans to get the clean water for drinking and this became the reason for clear water filter housing equipment coming into the market. But this was an induction to make the contemplation on purifying the water and making it drinkable yet, in my opinion, this is not the solution that is perfect but I think it could be more appropriate to make the contemplation on the thinking of ways to reduce the water pollution. Is that what you think too? If you think that too I would like to have an opinion on what could be the best ways to get the same to be done. I want to know how we can make the contemplation and progressions on how we can reduce this. Like how can we make the discard of the industrial waste to be not affecting the water? Is there someone who can suggest some ways to get this?