Since they have been scanning boarding passes at the gate I haven't been giving much thought to boarding. Apparently the scan doesn't do anything because a man got on the wrong American airlines flight in Vegas and only found out about the error when another passenger came to claim the seat. Watching him him claw his way out against the tide reminded me of those wildlife movies in Alaska where the fish are jumping up a waterfall with brown bears swiping at them from the sides.

Americans will be required to have visas to go to EU in a couple years, part retaliation and part "border security", as if the EU gives a damn about border security. Let's see what type of CF this becomes.

30 people hospitalized in New York after airline turbulence near landing. Plane was not hurt. Tighten up those seat belts, Pookie.

In the race to the bottom, Volaris no longer gives printed boarding passes. Better have an electronic devise or carry a printer around with you when you travel. They are saving trees, so kind of them.

Second story that mga wants to see a yellow fever card from people getting of planes from Panama. Remember the shot has to be done 10 days before travel.