and all three cajeros were out of cash.
All three are located in the front of the Pali,, a completely disgusting place with narrow aisles and dim lighting.

You have access to the cajeros only when Pali is open,, 8AM to 7PM.

The tobacco companies began paying through bank card,, so there is a lot of pressure. Lines are long Friday through the weekend.
Couple that with the inability of the users to understand that the cajero can only dispense in even amounts divisible by 100,
and you have many users trying again, and again, reading from a crib sheet before pushing the buttons for the prompts.

If they finally do have some success,, they stand in front of the cajero, counting their money three times.
I think I know now what Mejia Godoy was thinking when he sang,,, Nicaragua,, mi Nicaraguita
He probably wrote it standing in line at a cajero.

We used to have just one cajero,, a BanPro, now we have a BAC and a La Fise.
The BanPro was frequently out of cash,, but wouldn't admit to it,, telling you instead that your card was defective.
That was always good for a blood pressure rise, even though you knew it was BS.

Shelley stopped by for some Cords to pay the Fence guy,, and even though the machines were out of cash,, there was a line down the street,
on the cum,, hoping for the cash truck. We don't have a bank in Condega.
Those cajeros are our only source of cash.
Pali has a generator,, so when the Condega power is out, the cajeros still work ---- if they have money.

Gas is really going up in price,, but I've seen it more expensive in relation to the dollar.
It has to reflect the devaluation of the cord,, as anyone who sells oil is not going to accept cords (or beans) in payment.

But,, it's quiet up here in the north. That counts for a lot. Some "Enchanted Couple" billboards defaced with what looks like well-placed Molotov cocktails,, but little else.

Weather has turned perfect,, too hot in Condega and Esteli,, but ideal here on the farm. Cool nights perfect for sleeping,, warming mornings,, hot afternoons,, and as soon as the sun dips behind the hills,, cool evenings,, still and settled,