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    Arielka interviewed several, and we settled on a guy from Somoto. He did quite a few community wells up here several years ago. Most are shallow, with crank driven rope pumps. We have one on an adjacent property.

    Our candidate lived in San Antonio for a while, travels to Miami to buy equipment at auction, and arrived in a new Prado. He was intelligent, thoughtful, liked my idea of the low volume Grundfos solar pump.

    The Grundfos I chose only pumps 11 gal min but has a build in MPPT controller that accepts 30 - 300 vdc. It would also run on AC.

    Quite an impressive piece of machinery,, and it should be. It has a list price of $2700, but I've found someone who will sell it for $2K.

    The idea is to pump continuously, not exceeding the recharge capacity of the well, to a pila at the highest point on the farm. If it all works as designed, I will have 6000 gallons daily going into a 10,000 gal tank.

    This will in turn allow me to irrigate some pasture and support some cattle. No longer a lowly pig farmer,, I will have to start shopping for an appropriate hat.

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    Why not irrigate at night and run this ( for your night time power needs.

    Wind generators are a noisy pain in the butt.
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    "... an appropriate hat"

    I never met a Semite I didn't like.


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