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    Default Dona Lucy's Grocery

    Kinda a sad weekend up here

    Dona Lucy and Dona Juanita (Owner and helper respectively) of Dona Lucy's Grocery were killed in an accident as they left their store Friday night.

    Dona Lucy Grocery was the longest standing latin grocery in the tricities. She also worked in the 3D glasses assembly team at SG Smallwood (where I met Chilo) in the early 90's before opening the store.

    God knows how many Pupusa's Sopa de Marisco, Jocote, Nancite, quesso (salvadorian) , Mexican coke et al we have bought there over the past 25+ years.

    We drove by Satuday night to see a collection of store patrons gathered by the store doors (Adorned with flowers and notes) and 20+ people gathered talking. As we were dressed for daily tasks (all of the atendees were in suits and dresses) we did not stop to talk - Maybe today.

    Unfortunately the accident is a product of DWI as the driver (Her husband or common law) in Grave condition at one of the provinces largest trauma centers (about 30 miles away) , and is suspected to have been be impaired as the vehicle drove at high speed through the Charles St bus terminal (Right in front of the store parking lot) before slamming into the planter in front of a building (the old post office) and bursting into flames.

    Dude !!!.... Its a Canal !!! Can you Dig it ??

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