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    Default One sickly year

    So far, me and the niece are the only ones standing. 2 diagnosed with dengue, 2 undiagnosed but very sick, the baby with tonsillitis, one adult with bronchitis, and another kid with bloody poop.

    My wife's doctor told her to not go anywhere near the hospital for fear of adding dengue to her other problems. We are trying to figure out how to get the grandkid out of the hospital. The father's aunt is now staying with them.

    Just talked to the SIL--the family members in the hospital have mosquiteros, a new spin since the last time. Apparently they are not pushing for surgery on the baby but the fear of her catching dengue still hangs with us.
    We also have another niece who is a clinic director in another city so we get some free telephone advice or confirmation of what the local doctors say. Farmacias seem to be holding up, no more shortages than "normal". Over the past 3 years or so I have been building up my first aid kit. Now I am adding more simple stuff like acetominophen.
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