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    For U.S. men and women from any country: Start a new life.

    With both spouse and fiance visas you must demonstrate you have a bonafide relationship.

    Read Christian Filipina testimonials:

    Go for it: A new life. Or recommend a new life to someone you know who may benefit from marriage :-).

    It will bring your parents and you closer.

    Bring her to live with you at your parents', ofcourse. Everyone knows female virgins stay with their parents until they marry and move away with their husband to her in-laws.

    Have a free account at Memebership costs a fee. Membership is good if you feel like taking your time making friends on the site.

    It turns into a forum with a paid membership and you can create a free account just to have a look-see and you'll want to visit this site when you're ready for marriage:
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