Got stopped at mga security, seems the US is now afraid of coffee. I was advised that I could not take more than 320g of coffee in carryon this year. Nic security was accommodating, they just held my passport while I went back to the counter to check my bag. I always bring a bunch for regalitos in the state. People seem to like the smooth taste of Nica java.

I thought it was the "mysterious powder" law, but several people have commented that it is probably a drug thing--the drug dogs go over the checked luggage. Pita.

Knowing this , next trip I will just psych myself up to checking a bag and I might as well throw in a bottle of fdc. and the good chili jam from La Union super.

Another heads up from a friend of a friend--she lost a bottle of duty free booze somehow. As you may know, you can carry it on the first flight but then must stow it in your hold baggage. Her first flight was 2 hours late, her second flight was changed to a different carrier and she had no access to her hold baggage.

What do they do with all that booze, sell it on Ebay?

Life was so much simpler when I was a 19 year old mochilero...