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    Default It Finally Happened

    15 yrs of cab riding, so many near misses, finally in an accident. Other day when I got word on my friend I was shopping, walking back to hotel around dark I bought 2 beers, figured I would grab a piece of fried chicken for dinner. Got to hotel and said think I want to go eat a sit down meal. I shower and go out, is just dark, get a cab, tell him parque, I will scout from there.

    Nice cab, good driver. Get to parque, I pay, open door and BAM, motorcycle, car door, and 2 guys on the ground, thankfully I was not quick to jump out or I would have been in that mix. Now, what to do. Guys on ground are protesting best they can (not very well), obviously they are in the wrong. I survey my options, crowd is building, driver and those on ground are engaged, crowd focused on them, time for this Gringo to exit stage left..

    Neither of the guys had on helmets and only thing that saved them was going slow for the stop sign.I bet they are nursing some bad road rash and cussing the little Gringo.
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    One of my many pet gripes here is when I stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk and some AH passes me on the right and almost hits the pedestrian. Lotta stupid here, mostly motos and taxis. More and more Nic. reminds me of the movie On the Beach.
    Helmet use here is less than 50% on the Panam and still less in town. Best you disappeared because if they would have died you would have been guilty.

    And don't think they would have been wrong. On the enabas stoplight in Esteli, ALL thru southbound traffic has to drive in the bicycle lane ALL of the time, Even if it is an 8 ft. wide truck that will not fit in the bicycle lane. And be advised that it is illegal to turn left in or out of the main Maxipali entrance. Get in a wreck in either of these locations and you are automatically guilty, even without any driving while white dramatics.

    Onward to more victories.

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    Guys on ground are protesting best they can (not very well), obviously they are in the wrong.

    And the motorcycle is probably not registered either. Which means it will be immediately confiscated if they don't get out there before the cops show up.

    I didn't know about MaxiPali,, turning left. I did know about the traffic light,, it was big money for the transito for quite a while.

    No signage,, how do you know ? It defies logic,, except as a revenue source for Nicaragua's finest.

    I wouldn't mind taking cabs,, makes sense,, but after a few really fat ladies sitting on my lap,, lost interest. No room for my legs in the back.

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    my best motorcycle accident story when I resided in Managua. Nica Motor cycle rider (barely) hit a friend of ours. Guess the bike rider figured he was going to make some $$$$ out of the deal as he was playing it up that our friend was at fault.....he wasnt! Nica dude just left his (ridable) bike in the middle of the road..refused to move it.....A nica lady in a big SUV turned the corner and ran over it!! lol Biker walked away with no $$$ and a bike that was no longer ridable!!

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