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Thread: Thoughts on the current Pandemic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonh View Post
    Rate of case increase isn't equivalent to the rate of test increase. The number of cases will never be known, only the number of positive tests. And tests are dependent on production, administering, and getting people to take them.
    AND. no tests here.....................
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    Default Re: Thoughts on the current Pandemic

    Ignorance is bliss!

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the current Pandemic

    a town in Italy tested everybody and found that few had the bug, but among those that did 1/2 were asymptomatic. These numbers will vary from place to place, but for a rough estimate if you divide "dead" by "Known cases" + "estimated asymptomatic cases" you will get a good number for a death rate. It will be higher than the flu but much less than SARS, etc. It will be about half of "dead" divided by "known cases".
    The kicker, of course, is how do you crunch the numbers for "dead" to see how many died normally from the virus and how many died from lack of treatment.

    Anyway, went on an expedition to the pueblucho today. Traffic moderately heavy. Guard a bank not only squirting your hands, but zapping your forehead with a temperature gun. Sucked some cords out of the ATM and ran. Farmacia had yellow tape to keep customers 1 m from their glass case. Hardware store had front taped off so customers only had 1 M inside the store to get out of the sun.
    So much clean around the house lately that I can't stand it!

    A relative in L. A. keeps saying that everybody there had it in dec-Jan. Given the number of direct flights from The Plague Republic of China that land there he may be right? Maybe it just merged in with the flu season and the local health department was as inept as the CDC.

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