Hope this is self explanatory as I am unavailable for technical support, I can tell you these sites work gangbusters and all the movies and TV series are of high broadcast quality, no films shot with a camera inside a theater.

http://rarbgmirror.org/torrents.php (I recommended going straight to the catalog tab)


https://www.utorrent.com/ (I recommend downloading this free program 1st as it we facilitate your movie downloads)

(if you are concerned about security, a free VPN site that is run by a university in Japan and offers hundreds of VPNs at any given moment for free. Probably advisable if using the movies sites above in the US. I have never bothered with it locally. Should you already have a NetFlix account this is useful at accessing NetFlix in different countries as what is offered by NF in the US is different than what is offered in Australia, UK, Canada or Colombia. Believe me tho you will be cancelling your NetFlix if you start using the above sites.)

I have used the above for several years without a problem and hope you find the same enjoyment and savings in them as well! Salud!